“73 Fun Facts Revealed: An Interview with Dua Lipa by Vogue”

Vogue’s 73 Questions series has seen many stars, but none have made a grand entrance like Dua Lipa. The Grammy-winning artist stunned in a sparkling catsuit, descending from the rafters of an arena on a levitator before striking a pose and greeting Vogue. Lipa is currently on her Future Nostalgia tour, having already completed 23 out of 109 stops across North America, South America, Oceania, and Europe. Despite the grueling schedule that began in February and will end in November, Lipa maintains her high energy levels in the hours leading up to her shows.

Lipa’s main aim for her fans during the performance is to have an enjoyable and lively experience where they can dance, sweat and forget about all their worries for 90 minutes.

As our cameras follow Lipa, she takes us on a journey through a maze of basements, corridors and dressing rooms. During the chat, we get to know more about her life and work. From her wild nights as a hostess in Soho to her collaborations with music icons like Sir Elton John, Lipa shares snippets of her experiences. She has a fondness for vodka martinis but cannot stand Crocs. While she openly displays a yoga posture, she keeps mum on the details of her recent astrology forecast.

Lipa is a woman with a wide range of skills and an impressive amount of energy. She not only has a thriving music career, but also hosts a well-liked podcast called “At Your Service” and started a corresponding newsletter called “Service95” in February. When discussing her motivations and aspirations, Lipa emphasizes that achieving worldwide success is only the first step for her.

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