Asteroid City Premiere: Scarlett Johansson Rocks Pink Gown and Flaunts Her Impressive Back Tattoos at Cannes Film Festival

During the Cannes Film Festival on Tuesday, Scarlett Johansson proudly flaunted her extensive back tattoos at the Asteroid City premiere. The 38-year-old American actress looked stunning in a pink dress, which showcased her mesmerizing inkings. The figure-hugging gown boasted white glittery straps, complementing her elegant appearance. Scarlett completed her look with exquisite David Yurman earrings, adding to the allure of her ensemble. Scarlett first revealed her lamb tattoo beneath her right shoulder blade at the premiere of Rough Night in June 2017. A month later, in August 2017, she graced the public with her large flower tattoo etched across her back.

Scarlett Johansson, who is 38 years old, proudly displayed her massive back tattoos while attending the premiere of Asteroid City at Cannes Film Festival alongside her husband Colin Jost, aged 40, on Tuesday.

In a zoomed-in shot, the actress from America appeared stunning while showcasing her striking tattoos. She wore a sophisticated pink dress that accentuated her look.

Back in June 2017, while attending the premiere of her movie Rough Night, actress Scarlett debuted a new tattoo of a lamb below her right shoulder blade. This is one of several tattoos she has, including a horseshoe on her ribcage, a rising sun on her left forearm, and two interlocking circles on her right ankle. She also has a bracelet tattoo on her wrist and a Lucky One stamp on her ribs. Recently, Scarlett made a rare red carpet appearance with her husband Colin Jost at the premiere of their movie Asteroid City. The movie follows the Junior Stargazer convention and features other stars such as Jason Schwartzman, Margot Robbie, and Tom Hanks. Scarlett and Colin have been married for three years and share a son named Cosmo Jost. Additionally, Scarlett has an eight-year-old daughter named Rose Dorothy with her ex-husband Romain Dauriac, who is a French journalist.

Flower power! It was only a mere 30 days later, during the month of August in 2017, that she gave us all a first glimpse at her big and bold floral tattoo spanning across her entire back.

Scarlett looked stunning in her figure-hugging gown, complete with white glittering straps that accentuated her incredible figure. Recently, the actress opened up about her struggles with rejection and feelings of inadequacy in a candid interview. Scarlett admitted that losing out on major roles, such as Black Widow and Gravity, nearly made her give up acting altogether. The latter part was eventually won by Sandra Bullock, who went on to receive critical acclaim and nominations for her performance. Scarlett revealed that the rejection from Gravity was particularly difficult and made her question her future in the film industry. Furthermore, the actress expressed concerns about being typecast as a bombshell and finding fulfilling roles after her breakout success in Lost In Translation.

With a big grin on her face, the actress donned a pair of towering silver heels that added inches to her height as she walked up the red carpet with Colin. In a moment of self-doubt, she once wondered if her career was going anywhere as she felt unfulfilled with the roles she was being offered, even receiving scripts for every Marilyn Monroe film imaginable. However, Scarlett’s luck took a turn when Emily Blunt had to drop out of Iron Man 2 due to Fox’s contractual obligations, and she was offered the role in the Marvel movie again. Although her part in the film was not significant, it opened up doors for the star in terms of future opportunities. She acknowledges that the movie did not necessarily progress her character’s development, but there was potential for growth in subsequent films.

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