“Balancing Acts: Dua Lipa Struts Her Style in Quirky Snaps on House Eaves”

Dua Lipa has treated fans to some fun shots of herself perched on the eaves of a house while wearing a cute little black dress. The singer, who is 27 years old, can be seen striking playful poses and making silly faces while balancing on a wooden panel in a lounge area with her friends. Her outfit included a stylish black Miu Miu dress and a unique brown and black leather blazer. Her pals made sure to capture the amusing moment on camera.

Quirky: Dua Lipa has shared a slew of quirky snaps sat on the wooden eaves of a house wearing a tiny black mini dress

In a playful move, Dua Lipa recently shared a series of quirky snapshots where she can be seen perched on the wooden eaves of a house while sporting a tiny black mini dress. The songstress completed her outfit by slipping into a pair of black see-through tights and burnt orange buckle boots that reached up to her calves. Adding to her unique look, she wore an oversized leather jacket with distressed edges and hemlines. To accessorize, Dua donned a dazzling diamond ring and various shimmering earrings. She styled her lengthy raven locks into a slicked-back ponytail, which she then braided down to her waist.

Fun night with pals: Enjoying a fun evening with friends, the singer, 27, pulled a playful face as she posed for some pictures balancing on the panel within a lounge area

A delightful evening with buddies: The 27-year-old singer had a blast hanging out with her friends, and even made a silly face while taking some snapshots while balancing on a panel in a cozy lounge setting.

Glamorous: Dua's makeup was glamorous and featured a glimmering silver smokey eyeshadow look with a flawless face and a peachy nude lip colour

Dua’s makeup was absolutely stunning, showcasing a shimmery silver smokey eyeshadow and a flawless complexion that perfectly complemented her peachy nude lip color. Her followers, numbering an impressive 87.7 million on Instagram, were treated to snapshots of her posing for photos while her friends snapped away using their phones and digital cameras in what appeared to be a luxuriously appointed home. Dua has been enjoying a fun-filled evening with her friends at this location. It’s worth noting that she recently added an additional £4 million to her fortune after parting ways with her former management team earlier this year.

Cool: In one of the snaps shared to her 87.7million followers on Instagram, Dua posed for snaps while her friends all took pictures of her on their phones and digital cameras

Awesome: Dua Lipa, the famous singer-songwriter, has recently shared some snaps on her Instagram account where she was posing with her friends while they took pictures of her using their phones and digital cameras. Earlier this year, she parted ways with her management company, but looking at her current financial status, it seems like she made the right decision. As per the latest records, Dua has added another £4 million to her fortune, and her company Dua Lipa Limited now has £21.6 million saved up – an increase from the previous year’s £17.5 million.

Unique: She styled her lengthy raven tresses into a slicked back pony, which was put into long braid and it reached past her waistline

Paraphrased: With her lengthy black hair, pulled back into a sleek ponytail and braided down to her waist, it appears that Dua Lipa’s father, Dukagin Lipa, is performing well as her new manager. This is evidenced by the fact that another one of her companies has assets totaling £11.6 million. It was previously reported in February that Dua had parted ways with her former management company due to disagreements over earnings. She originally signed with London-based Tap Management in 2013 while working as a cocktail waitress, but surprised them with her decision to no longer be represented by them.

Stunning: Dua looked incredible in a slew of snaps shared to Instagram recently during a 24 hour getaway to Madrid

Impressive: Dua Lipa’s latest Instagram posts showcased her stunning fashion sense during a quick trip to Madrid. The talented singer treated her followers to an array of photos where she effortlessly rocked a black leather jumpsuit and posed on a rooftop terrace. Later, she switched to a classy grey Gucci blazer coat paired with a light blue shirt that added a touch of elegance to her look. To complete the ensemble, she wore orange-tinted glasses and carried a cream handbag while delivering moody expressions. It’s evident that Dua’s sense of style is impeccable and always on point, making her a fashion icon for many.

Hot stuff: The singer put on a chic display in a black leather jumpsuit and black platform heels

The famous singer made a fashion statement by wearing a stylish black leather jumpsuit and black platform heels. She shared a picture with her friends while mentioning that she spent 24 hours in Madrid. The talented artist spent some quality time with her hometown friends, where they indulged in dinner and cocktails at Soho. She took a mirror selfie in a trendy denim outfit, which accentuated her slim figure. In addition, the singer shared a snapshot of their margarita cocktails while enjoying a relaxing evening at Rita’s in Soho, London.

Chic: She changed into a grey Gucci blazer coat and light blue shirt

Incredible: She gazed out at the stunning view from her roof terrace

Looking chic, she donned a sophisticated grey Gucci blazer coat and paired it with a light blue shirt. She then took a moment to admire the breathtaking vista from her rooftop terrace.

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