“Breaking Barbie’s Mold: Dua Lipa Steals the Show in Chainmail Gown and Thong at Movie Premiere”

At the Barbie premiere in Los Angeles on Sunday, Dua Lipa was a picture of confidence in her daring outfit. The 27-year-old singer, who recently embraced the Barbiecore trend during her vacation in Greece, features in Greta Gerwig’s upcoming movie as Mermaid Barbie. Along with her fellow cast members, including the stunning Margot Robbie, who wore a vintage strapless trumpet gown replicating the 1960 Mattel doll, Dua Lipa attended the event at the Shrine Auditorium. On the pink carpet, the Grammy winner flaunted a sleeveless and sheer chainmail dress that shimmered in the Californian sun. Her choice of white underwear was visible through the see-through fabric. The glittering gown’s long hem partially concealed her shiny silver closed-toed heels.

Let's go Barbie! Dua Lipa, 27, put on a show-stopping display in a very sheer ensemble as she attended the star-studded Barbie world premiere in Los Angeles on Sunday

Come on Barbie, let’s go! The 27-year-old singer Dua Lipa stole the show with her stunning outfit at the highly-anticipated premiere of the new Barbie movie in Los Angeles over the weekend. Her sheer ensemble was definitely a head-turner!

Dazzling: The Grammy winner stepped onto the glitzy pink carpet wearing a sleeveless, sheer chainmail dress that sparkled under the bright, California sunlight

Wow! She oozed confidence on the pink carpet

The stunning Grammy winner graced the glitzy pink carpet in a sheer, sleeveless chainmail dress that sparkled brilliantly under the California sun. The outfit featured a plunging scoop neckline at the front and a low-cut back, which Dua showcased while posing away from the cameras. She complemented her dazzling look with a pair of silver, dangling earrings, a sparkling rhinestone necklace, and matching silver rings on both hands. The singer’s long dark hair was parted in the middle and fell effortlessly in light waves past her shoulders. Her glamorous makeup comprised of mascara, warm blush, and contour accentuating her cheekbones, and a darker nude-colored matte tint on her lips. In true diva fashion, Dua flaunted her impeccable poses and later took snaps in front of a pastel pink convertible. Apart from her cameo appearance as Mermaid Barbie in an upcoming fantasy comedy, Dua had the opportunity to make music for the Barbie soundtrack. The lead single on the soundtrack, Dance The Night, officially dropped on May 25, a few months before the movie’s release on July 21.

Bold statement: She slipped into a pair of closed-toed, shiny silver heels that were partially covered by the long hem of the glittering down

Revised: As she got ready, she decided to wear a stunning pair of silver heels with a closed-toe design. The long hem of her dazzling dress partially concealed the shoes, making them a subtle yet eye-catching addition to her outfit.

Excited! Dua accessorized her dazzling ensemble with a pair of dangly, silver earrings as well as a sparkling, rhinestone necklace

Having a blast: The dress contained a plunging, scooped neckline on the front as well as a low cut on the back, which she showcased while turning away from the cameras to strike a pose

Full of enthusiasm! Dua added a touch of glamour to her stunning outfit by wearing a set of dangling, silver earrings and a glimmering necklace adorned with rhinestones.

Sparkling details: The singer adorned silver rings on each of her hands to coincide with the color scheme of her outfit

The vocalist embellished her fingers with shiny silver rings that matched the hues of her attire, adding a touch of glamour to her overall look.

Glammed up: The performer's makeup was glammed up for the event, and comprised of a layer of mascara to her lashes as well as a warm blush and contour to better accentuate her cheekbones

Looking fabulous: The artist’s appearance was enhanced with a touch of glamour for the occasion. She applied some mascara on her eyelashes, along with a warm blush and contour to highlight her cheekbones.

Bold: For a finishing touch to her overall look, the New Rules hitmaker added a darker, nude-colored matte tint to her lips

To complete her ensemble, the singer of chart-topping track “New Rules” applied a deeper shade of nude matte lip color to her pout.

Anticipated: Barbie will officially hit theaters later this month on July 21, the same day Christopher Nolan's historical epic drama, Oppenheimer, also releases

Expectedly, the famous Barbie doll is set to make her big screen debut on July 21, which coincides with the release of Christopher Nolan’s highly anticipated historical epic drama, Oppenheimer.

Plot: The premise of the movie, which has a budget of $100 million, follows Barbie and Ken as they travel to the real world in order to find the true meaning of happiness

The upcoming live-action movie, featuring the iconic characters Barbie and Ken, has a whopping budget of $100 million. Alongside Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, and Dua Lipa, other popular artists like Ice Spice, Lizzo, Nicki Minaj, and Billie Eilish will also contribute to the soundtrack. Ryan Gosling, who plays Ken, will even have his own song on the soundtrack titled “I’m Just Ken.” The film’s director Greta Gerwig, known for previous works such as Little Women and Lady Bird, co-wrote the screenplay with Noah Baumbach and helmed the fantasy comedy project. Aside from the lead stars, the movie features an ensemble cast including America Ferrera, Will Ferrell, Issa Rae, Hari Nef, and Simu Liu portraying different versions of both Barbie and Ken dolls. Helen Mirren will also lend her voice as the narrator. Filming started in 2022 at Warner Bros. Studios in England, with some outdoor scenes shot in Venice, Los Angeles. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Greta Gerwig shared that Margot Robbie felt “self-conscious” while filming one of the Venice Beach scenes. However, Gerwig noted that it was fascinating to witness the scene with Margot and Ryan Gosling rollerblading in neon outfits, happening right in front of them. The film’s plot centers on Barbie and Ken venturing into the real world to discover the true meaning of happiness. With its star-studded cast, talented director, and massive budget, this upcoming movie is sure to be a blockbuster hit.

New: Filming began last year in 2022 at Warner Bros. Studios in England, while some exterior shots were notably filmed outdoors in Los Angeles, such as Venice

Rewritten: Production for the film commenced in 2022 at the English-based Warner Bros. Studios, with a majority of the filming being conducted indoors. However, certain exterior scenes were shot in Los Angeles, particularly in Venice.

Striking a pose: Lipa strutted onto the pink carpet underneath the hot summer sun to show off a few of her favorite poses, and later made her way to take a few memorable snaps in front of a pastel pink convertible

Barbie will officially hit theaters later this month on July 21, the same day Christopher Nolan's historical epic drama, Oppenheimer, also releases

With the sun beating down on her, Lipa confidently walked onto the pink carpet, striking a variety of poses to showcase her personal favorites. Later, she moved over to a pastel pink convertible, taking some unforgettable photos.

Stunning: Her long dark locks were parted in the middle, and effortlessly flowed down past her shoulders in light waves

Absolutely gorgeous: The lady’s luxurious black tresses were elegantly divided into two parts at the center and cascaded down in gentle undulations beyond her shoulder.

Special roles: Along with making a special cameo appearance as Mermaid Barbie in the upcoming fantasy comedy, which hits theaters on July 21, Dua also had the chance to make music for the Barbie soundtrack

Exclusive roles: Not only did Dua have the exciting opportunity to make a guest appearance as Mermaid Barbie in the upcoming fantasy comedy, set to release on July 21st, but she also got to create music for the movie’s soundtrack.

Catchy: The track, Dance The Night, is the lead single on the soundtrack, and officially dropped a few months earlier on May 25

Engaging: Dance The Night takes the spotlight as the opening track on the soundtrack, and was released several months prior on May 25th as its lead single.

Showing off the look: Dua glanced over her shoulder to send a sultry gaze towards the camera as she approached fans at the premiere

Flaunting her style: Dua cast a smoldering look back at the camera while making her way towards admirers during the premiere.

Fanfare: The New Rules songstress took time to mingle with fans and was seen flashing a smile as she paused for a quick selfie

Celebrated for her hit single “New Rules,” the singer took a moment to connect with her fans. She appeared joyous, flashing a smile as she paused to take a quick selfie.

Show-stopping! The beauty joined other fellow cast members at the Shrine Auditorium, such as a glamorous Margot Robbie who recreated a vintage strapless trumpet gown from the 1960 Mattel doll

Absolutely stunning! The gorgeous actress was seen alongside her cast mates at the Shrine Auditorium, including the fabulous Margot Robbie who looked absolutely stunning in a vintage strapless trumpet gown inspired by the 1960 Mattel doll.

Twinning! The Australian 33-year-old worked with her stylist Andrew Mukamal to recreate the strapless trumpet gown, matching peep-toe kitten heels, opera gloves, and diamond necklace on the original Barbie 'Solo in the Spotlight' doll from 1960

The original Barbie 'Solo in the Spotlight' doll from 1960

The Australian actress, aged 33, collaborated with her stylist Andrew Mukamal to recreate the iconic strapless trumpet gown, matching peep-toe kitten heels, opera gloves, and diamond choker of the original Barbie doll ‘Solo in the Spotlight’, which was first introduced in 1960. During filming, Margot Robbie felt self-conscious as people would compliment her co-star Ryan without acknowledging her presence. The director, Gerwig, expressed her concern and desire to protect Margot but also knew that the scene required her to feel exposed. Although Ryan was also uncomfortable wearing a vest, it was different from Margot’s situation. The upcoming release of Barbie in theaters is set for July 21, the same day Oppenheimer, Christopher Nolan’s historical epic drama, debuts.

Recent post: Dua Lipa's appearance at the Barbie premiere comes shortly after the singer shocked fans as they spotted an 'X-rated detail' in the bathroom selfie she recently uploaded

Dua Lipa made an appearance at the Barbie premiere not long after fans were surprised by an unexpected element in her latest bathroom selfie.

Small detail: Some of her fans and followers were quick to point out what appeared to be handprints on the shower door, which left some in shock and speculated the marks were made by Dua and boyfriend, Romain Gavras

Dua Lipa recently attended the Barbie premiere, but not before shocking her fans with an “X-rated detail” in a bathroom selfie she shared. In the picture, Dua poses in front of a mirror wearing an oversized green T-shirt, which she lifts up slightly with her hand. In the background, there is a steamy shower with glass doors. Fans quickly noticed what seemed to be handprints on the shower door and speculated that the marks were made by Dua and her boyfriend, Romain Gavras. Some even joked that “nothing clean” was going on in that shower.

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