“Call to Arms: Gal Gadot Challenges Chris Hemsworth’s Thor to Epic Battle”

Chris Hemsworth, the handsome Australian actor who portrays Thor, may have to face off against the new Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot, if she has her way. In a tweet on Sunday, she challenged the 33-year-old hunk to a fight, indicating that she is ready to take him on.

Fight! Wonder Woman beauty Gal Gadot (R) challenged Chris Hemsworth to a fight on Sunday, getting nothing but radio silence from the 6 foot 2 hunk

Gal Gadot, the stunning actress who played Wonder Woman, issued a playful challenge to Chris Hemsworth on Sunday for a fight. However, the 6 foot 2 hunk has remained quiet since receiving the challenge, leaving Gal wondering if she had scared him away. The challenge arose during an interview with Katie Couric where Gal confidently asserted that Wonder Woman would defeat Thor in a fight, prompting her to call out Chris.

The challenge! 'Now they asked me who would win in a fight between Thor or Wonder Woman, and I think it's Wonder Woman - don't you Chris?' the 32-year-old said on Sunday

The question posed was a tricky one – who would come out on top in a battle between Thor and Wonder Woman? When asked, the 32-year-old had a quick response: “I reckon it’s Wonder Woman, don’t you agree, Chris?” uttered on a casual Sunday.

Getting in some training? Nearly 24-hours later, the man with an ego clearly more destructible than his character's hammer Tweeted: 'I think she'd kick Thor's a**'

Are you hitting the gym lately? Well, looks like Chris Hemsworth isn’t feeling too confident about his superhero persona as he recently tweeted that he thinks a certain someone could kick Thor’s behind. And just like that, the challenge was thrown. The recipient of the tweet, a gorgeous brunette, promptly responded and suggested they should “collide worlds” and see who comes out on top. Looks like we may have a showdown on our hands!

Dodge! The 33-year-old Australian attempted to avoid the confrontation

Watch out! The Australian who is 33 years old made an effort to steer clear of the conflict.

Not taking no for an answer! But hot off the biggest ever opening for a female director for the film, the brunette beauty wasn't going to let Chris dodge the challenge

She was determined not to accept a refusal! Despite the enormous success of her recent film, which broke records as the highest-grossing film directed by a woman, the brunette beauty wouldn’t let Chris evade the challenge. As of now, Chris hasn’t responded, but he did share a screenshot of his current playlist on Instagram. He tried to justify his music selection by saying that it’s a “little soul band all the way from my hometown Melbourne,” but his fans picked up on his unsettled demeanor. One fan suggested some downtrodden American emo music: “Panic!AtTheDisco. You would like them.”

Crying scared? 26-hours on, and Chris still hasn't replied, but took to Instagram in that time to share a screenshot of his current choice of very moody music

Are you feeling anxious because Chris hasn’t responded to your message for 26 hours? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Despite being inactive on messaging apps, Chris has been sharing his current playlist on Instagram, which seems to be filled with melancholic songs. In the meantime, one of our acquaintances found the perfect person to share these songs with – their old man. On the bright side, challenger Gal woke up to fantastic news on Monday morning – Wonder Woman had earned a staggering $101.4 million, making it the highest-grossing film directed by a woman in history. Let’s celebrate this monumental moment in cinema!

Clear winner: While Chris was spending the weekend listening to songs of despair, challenger Gal was celebrating a monumental moment in cinema, with Wonder Woman opening the highest-earning film by a female director of all time

The competition had a clear outcome: Chris spent his weekend listening to songs that were full of sadness while Gal was rejoicing over a significant accomplishment in the film industry. The movie Wonder Woman, directed by a woman, had broken records and become the highest-earning film of its kind.

Not even her toughest battle! Having recently been through the challenge of child birth (welcoming daughter Maya in March and Alma in 2011), Gal's offer to fight Chris saw her hardly breaking a sweat

Even facing a tough opponent like Chris didn’t faze Gal, who had just gone through the intense experience of childbirth twice – once in March for her daughter Maya and previously in 2011 for Alma. She made the offer to fight him with ease and confidence.

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