“Chic and Casual: Scarlett Johansson Spotted in NYC Sporting Blue Leggings and Baseball Cap”

Scarlett Johansson was spotted in a casual athleisure outfit while out and about in New York City on Wednesday. The 38-year-old actress, who is married to actor Colin Jost, accessorized her look with a black baseball cap and dark sunglasses. She pulled her blonde locks into a ponytail, allowing the glossy strands to peek through the back of her hat. Johansson, a born-and-raised New Yorker, wore a light gray zip-up hoodie over her leggings and paired the ensemble with light blue socks and white sneakers. This silver screen star recently graced the cover of Variety magazine.

Low-key look: Scarlett Johansson was seen sporting an athleisure look as she stepped out in New York City on Wednesday

Scarlett Johansson was spotted in a casual yet chic athleisure outfit while out in New York City on Wednesday. The talented actress, known for her role in Iron Man, carried a white canvas tote bag with a colorful print over her shoulder as she walked through the city and focused on her phone. She opted for an asymmetrical look by wearing multiple small earrings in just one ear and appeared to go makeup-free, showing off her natural beauty. Scarlett is currently happily married to her third husband Colin, with whom she shares a 20-month-old son named Cosmo. She also has an 8-year-old daughter named Rose from her previous marriage to journalist Romain Dauriac. Fans of the actress can look forward to her upcoming project alongside fellow Avengers: Affinity War co-star Chris Hemsworth in Transformers One, where Scarlett will voice the character Elita and Chris will portray the young Optimus Prime in the prequel to the rivalry between Autobots and Decepticons.

Accessories: The 38-year-old actress - who is married to actor Colin Jost - wore a black baseball cap and dark sunglasses

Scarlett Johansson, who is married to Colin Jost, was seen sporting a black baseball cap and dark sunglasses as she stepped out recently. Her upcoming film, Asteroid City, directed and co-written by Wes Anderson, is set to debut at Cannes and will be released in theaters in June. The actress recently spoke about her lawsuit against Disney, which ended after she settled out of court two months after giving birth to her son, Cosmo, in August 2021. Scarlett had filed the suit, claiming that she lost out on over $50 million due to Black Widow being released simultaneously on Disney+ and in theaters, which allegedly breached her contract. Disney countered that she was paid $20 million regardless of the box office performance. After a tumultuous exchange, the matter was resolved outside of court for an undisclosed sum, rumored to be over $40 million.

Fuss-free: The mother-of-two pulled her blonde hair into a ponytail, slipping the glossy locks through her hat's opening at the back

In a casual manner, the mother of two gathered her blonde hair into a ponytail and tucked it through the opening in her hat. She shared her disappointment with the lawsuit brought against her, saying that she was mainly sad. However, the timing of the lawsuit fell when she was expecting her second child, which became a wonderful distraction from the whole ordeal. Her fans supported her throughout the legal battle and congratulated her for standing up for herself. Despite the lawsuit, she has become the highest-grossing star in Hollywood and has earned a total of $14.52 billion globally. Scarlett and Disney have reconciled, and she now visits the theme park around 10 times a year. Additionally, she is currently working on the planned Tower Of Terror ride with the company.

Speaking out: Johansson recently opened up to Variety about her landmark lawsuit against Disney, revealing she found her pregnancy a 'wonderful distraction' amid the legal battle

Johansson has shared her experience on the lawsuit she filed against Disney, stating in an interview with Variety that her pregnancy became a positive distraction during the legal dispute.

Gripe: Scarlett had filed a suit against Disney in July 2021 after Black Widow was released on streaming service Disney+ at the same time as its debut in theatres, with the actress claiming she had lost out on more $50 million

Complaint: In July 2021, Scarlett filed a lawsuit against Disney for releasing Black Widow on Disney+ simultaneously with its theatrical release. She claimed that she suffered a loss of over $50 million due to the move. Additionally, Scarlett has been vocal about the pay disparity between male and female actors in Hollywood. Despite this, she successfully negotiated to receive the same salary as her male co-stars in the Avengers movies. Scarlett’s upbringing instilled in her the value of fairness and equal pay, which she strives to uphold in her career.

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