“Confession Time: Scarlett Johansson Regrets Teenage Mistake and Vows to Keep it Hidden from Her Kids”

The famous Hollywood actress, Scarlett Johansson, recently shared a secret that she hopes her children, Rose Dauriac (7) and Cosmo Jost (7 months), will never uncover. In an episode of The Drew Barrymore Show aired on Wednesday, the 37-year-old Black Widow star revealed feeling embarrassed for having started smoking as a teenager. She admitted that her daughter might have already asked her about it before, but she doesn’t want her to think smoking is cool in any way. Scarlett emphasized that she regrets her past actions and hopes her kids will never follow suit.

Former smoker: Scarlett Johansson confessed a secret about herself that she hopes her kids Rose Dauriac, seven, and seven-month-old Cosmo Jost never find out

In a candid conversation with Drew Barrymore, Scarlett Johansson revealed a secret about herself that she hopes her children never discover. As a former smoker, the actress expressed her desire for her kids, Rose Dauriac and Cosmo Jost, to never know about her past habit. She even joked about the common parental tactic of forbidding children from doing things, knowing that it often leads them to want to do exactly that. During the interview’s “Final 5” segment, Johansson also talked about her biggest irrational fear and when she feels the most competitive.

Started young: During Wednesday's episode of The Drew Barrymore Show , the 37-year-old Black Widow actress admitted she's embarrassed to have been a smoker; seen as a teen

On Wednesday’s installment of The Drew Barrymore Show, the star of Black Widow, who is now 37 years old, confessed that she feels ashamed of her past as a teenage smoker.

'My daughter may have asked me this before,' the Lucy star admitted. 'I used to smoke when I was younger and I'm so ashamed. I just don't want her to ever think that I ever thought it was cool 'cause she can never, ever, ever smoke'

The lead actress of Lucy, in a candid confession, revealed that her daughter might have asked her this question earlier. She accepted that she had smoked when she was younger and felt ashamed of it. She emphasized that she never wanted her daughter to think that smoking was cool because she firmly believed that her daughter should never smoke.

Relatable: She added: 'So yeah, I just hope she never figures that out'

The actress confessed that she hoped her colleague would never find out about her initial apprehension of not being able to land another gig after completing a project. Additionally, she shared some insights into her personal life with Colin Jost. Scarlett Johansson, who is a mother of two, admitted to being competitive when playing Backgammon with the SNL star. She also stated that Colin always managed to win annoyingly and often used his phone to learn new tricks to stay ahead in the game.

Blast from the past: Drew proceeded to show a picture used in the SNL episode from Colin's yearbook where he had a 'mushroom' haircut and sported plaid collared shirt

Throwback moment: Drew exhibited a snapshot that was featured in the SNL show of Colin’s yearbook photo, in which he rocked a ‘mushroom’ hairstyle and wore a plaid collared shirt.

'Um, I don¿t think so, no,' Scarlett was quick to answer if they would have dated as teens. 'Firstly, my brother had that same haircut ¿ I just can¿t. There¿s no way I mean who decided on that cut as a stylish thing, like what hairdresser was like I¿ll try this'

Scarlett Johansson was asked by talk show host Drew Barrymore if she would have dated her husband Colin Jost when they were both teenagers. To which, Scarlett responded with a quick “no.” She explained that she couldn’t get past his haircut, which reminded her of her brother’s. She even questioned the hairdresser who decided that it was a stylish look. Johansson admitted that she found Jost attractive, but his high school hairstyle was a big turn-off for her.

'I mean he¿s a very cute guy, but the other times I was there I was like in another relationship ¿ this time the timing was right,' she said. 'I think he looked differently to me because I was available, the timing just has to be right'

“He’s a really attractive man, but when I’ve seen him before, I was in a committed relationship. This time, however, the stars aligned and the timing was perfect,” she explained. “I think he appeared different to me because I was single and open to the possibility of something new. It’s all about the timing.”

'I think that I definitely have been in relationships where the timing is not right and sometimes it¿s a good person, but the timing off and it¿s important to be open to that too,' she added

According to Scarlett Johansson, timing plays a crucial role in relationships. She shares that she has been in relationships where the person was great, but the timing was not right. It is important to be open to this idea and not force something that is not meant to be. Colin Jost and Scarlett met back in 2006 on the set of SNL, but it was not until years later when Scarlett hosted the show in 2017 that they hit it off. She believes that the reason they did not date earlier was that she was in a different relationship at the time. Scarlett had been married to Ryan Reynolds from 2008 to 2011 and then to Romain Dauriac from 2014 to 2017. Currently, she co-parents her daughter Rose with Dauriac.

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