“David Yurman’s Lower Eastside Girls Club Event in New York City Welcomes Actress Scarlett Johansson”

Although we may have made half-hearted commitments to cut down on shopping, we couldn’t resist indulging in last night’s celebration at David Yurman. Scarlett Johansson and the Yurman clan threw a delightful cocktail party and shopping event at their flagship store located on the corner of 57th Street and Madison Avenue.

scarlett johansson attends an event hosted by david yurman in support of  lower eastside girls club in new york city-021122_8

A special event was organized to support the Lower East Side Girls Club, an organization that holds a special place in the hearts of Johansson and the Yurman family. The talented New York actor recently collaborated with the renowned jewelers to create unique designs, and the profits from this collaboration will benefit the independent community-based non-profit organization.

As a native of Manhattan, I have always found David Yurman to be an iconic figure in New York. During my late teens and early twenties, I recall being captivated by the stunning women featured in Yurman’s campaigns – those black and white images, such as the iconic Peter Lindbergh Yurman campaign. It was a genuine aspiration of mine to one day work with the brand. This is what Scarlett Johansson shared with Vogue.

In an effort to revive and support New York after the lockdown, Johansson and the Yurman family collaborated with an organization located at the heart of the city. Having acquaintances who have worked with the Lower East Side Girls Club for several years, Johansson deemed it suitable for their cause. The actress stated that the non-profit is actively making a difference in the lives of many young New Yorkers from the grassroots level. Coincidentally, Evan Yurman’s wife, KU-Ling Siegel, has been working with the organization since 2013.

As guests arrived at the main store, they were welcomed with a variety of specialty cocktails and champagne at the glass doors. Upon entering, happy shoppers mingled with each other, indulged in caviar, sampled light bites, and generously contributed to the noble organization. The store was adorned with sparkling jewels and bright red floral arrangements, while a DJ played lively music in the background. Meanwhile, Johansson was spotted wearing David Yurman jewelry and an Alexander McQueen tailored tuxedo jacket and trousers.

The evening’s collaboration with the Lower East Side Girls Club sparked meaningful discussions about women driving change in each other’s lives. This is especially important as the organization’s goal is to provide opportunities and empower women and gender-expansive youth while fostering community.

According to Johansson, it is important to create your own unique story. She considers herself fortunate to have collaborated with several talented women in the film industry, including directors, producers, and writers, since she was young. She reminisced about her first film, “Manny and Lo,” which was written and directed by Lisa Krueger, and how it had a positive impact on her. At the young age of 10, Johansson was already introduced to the idea of women writing stories for younger generations of women. She described the movie as a treasure that showcases sisterhood and women supporting each other through difficult times. “It truly marked the start of my journey,” Johansson shared with Vogue.

When conversing with other women, it’s possible to discover common experiences. Every woman has encountered oppression or been underestimated at some point in their lives. As we interact more with other women, we realize how similar our situations can be. With many of us having daughters now, we are the ones who will make a difference for them and the younger generation. To learn more about supporting the Lower East Side Girls Club, please visit www.girlsclub.org to donate or find out about mentoring and volunteering opportunities.

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