From Red Notice to Grocery Shopping: Gal Gadot Ditches Heels for Comfy Slippers in LA

Gal Gadot ditched her high heels for comfortable slippers while she went grocery shopping at Bristol Farms in Hollywood. She wore a relaxed white tank top and navy Bleusalt leggings, which could have been mistaken for workout clothes, but her choice of footwear proved otherwise.

Getting things done: Gal Gadot ran some afternoon errands as she picked up groceries from Bristol Farms in Hollywood

Gal Gadot was spotted running errands in Hollywood recently. She visited Bristol Farms to pick up some groceries, carrying a large black tote bag filled with goodies in her right hand. Her wallet hung from her shoulder. The Wonder Woman star wore a pair of dark round sunglasses to shield her eyes from the sun, and tied her hair back in a loose bun. It’s worth noting that Gadot’s visit to the store came just a few days after Dwayne Johnson, her co-star in Red Notice, confirmed that the movie had become one of Netflix’s biggest hits to date.

Looking comfy: The actress, 36, made her way down the sidewalk in a loose-fitting white tank top and a pair of navy Bleusalt leggings

Appearing cozy: The female artist, aged 36, strolled down the pavement clad in a relaxed white tank top and navy Bleusalt leggings.

Keeping the sun out of her eyes: The Wonder Woman actress shielded her eyes from the sun with a pair of dark, round sunglasses and had her hair tied back in to a loose bun

To protect her eyes from the sun, the actress who played Wonder Woman donned a pair of stylish round sunglasses and tied her hair up into a loose bun. Meanwhile, the 49-year-old former WWE wrestler took to Instagram to share news about the success of his latest film. In a video he posted on Friday, The Rock expressed his gratitude towards his fans for making Red Notice a true global phenomenon. He mentioned that within just 11 days, the movie had become the biggest ever to be streamed on Netflix, with viewership surpassing all previous records in both film and television categories.

Biggest movie in Netflix history: Gadot's appearance at the store came just a couple of days after her Red Notice co-star Dwayne Johnson announced that their hit movie was one of the biggest in Netflix's history (pictured November 2021)

Gal Gadot made an appearance at a store shortly after her co-star Dwayne Johnson declared that their movie, Red Notice, was one of the most popular in Netflix’s history. In a video, Johnson raised a glass of his Tequila Teremana to thank viewers for their support. According to People, Red Notice has been viewed for almost 278 million hours, while Sandra Bullock’s Bird Box has been watched for around 282 million hours. The plot of Red Notice follows an Interpol agent on the hunt for a wanted art thief who is searching for a golden egg that once belonged to Cleopatra.

Playing some iconic characters: Gadot is slated to play the Evil Queen in Disney's live-action Snow White and the Seven Dwarves adaptation and Cleopatra

Gal Gadot is currently working on several exciting projects that are sure to captivate audiences worldwide. In addition to her recent film, she is also filming a secret spy thriller called Heart of Stone. Moreover, the talented actress will be portraying iconic characters such as the Evil Queen in Disney’s live-action Snow White and the Seven Dwarves adaptation, Cleopatra in a movie of the same name, and the legendary Hedy Lamarr in a television miniseries based on her life story. The former Ralph Breaks the Internet star is definitely keeping herself busy with an array of exciting roles that showcase her versatile acting skills.

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