Gal Gadot: 10 Surprising Facts About the Woman Behind Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot won over the hearts of people worldwide with her portrayal of Wonder Woman in DC’s superhero movie. However, how familiar are you with her life and career?

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Gal Gadot became a global sensation through her role as Wonder Woman in the DC Extended Universe films. Her journey with the franchise began with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016, and she subsequently starred in the standalone film Wonder Woman in the following year. However, Gal’s accomplishments and experiences go far beyond her DCEU stint. As an actress, she has been a part of significant projects that have garnered her recognition to this day. On a personal note, her life has been filled with meaningful experiences that have enabled her to develop and may serve as inspiration for others.

Miss Israel, the beauty pageant titleholder from Israel, holds the number 10 spot on the list.

The stunning appearance of the actress has been well-known and appreciated by people all over the world for quite some time. Back in her youth, she participated in beauty contests and ultimately emerged victorious as Miss Israel 2004 when she was just 18 years old. As a result of this triumph, she was crowned and rewarded with a Citroën C3 supermini car, but that wasn’t the end of her journey. She went on to represent Israel in the Miss Universe beauty pageant, which helped kickstart her modeling career. Before turning to acting, she accomplished many remarkable feats in this field. In addition to her modeling exploits, it’s worth noting that she also served in the army.

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Most individuals are aware that Gal Gadot, who hails from Israel, underwent mandatory military service after turning 20. She served for two years and was promoted to a combat trainer owing to her excellent performance during the initial months. According to Gal, her time in the army taught her valuable lessons in discipline, respect, and patriotism. She also expressed that her military training adequately prepared her for her Hollywood career. Apart from her military service, she was also featured as the ambassador of Gucci.

Gal Gadot had established herself as a top model by 2015, working with prestigious brands worldwide. It was during this year that she was selected to endorse the luxurious Gucci Bamboo fragrance. This perfume boasts a unique blend of Casablanca lily, Tahitian vanilla, sandalwood, and grey amber that creates a soft yet intense aroma. Vogue praised Gal Gadot’s selection as the face of this multifaceted scent, which perfectly complemented her versatile personality. Moreover, Gal Gadot’s remarkable skills in performing stunts added to her versatility as an actress.

Gal’s first major acting gig was playing Gisele Yashar in Fast Furious back in 2009. Given her military background and physical fitness, she opted to perform many of the character’s stunts herself. Though it started out as a joke, Gal approached director Justin Lin and half-seriously said, “Listen, if you want me in Fast 6, you better give me some stunts to do!” To her surprise, it worked out, and she ended up doing more stunts in the next film. This tale was shared by Time Magazine.

In 2018, Gal Gadot received recognition from Time magazine as one of the world’s most influential people. The article was written by Lynda Carter, the original Wonder Woman actress from the 70s, who praised Gadot for capturing the essence of the character and for her success in the role. Interestingly, Gadot was also five months pregnant during the filming of Wonder Woman, which makes her performance even more impressive. Despite having to make adjustments to her costume and postproduction changes, she didn’t let her pregnancy get in the way of portraying the iconic character. Additionally, Gadot is also a producer, showcasing her talents beyond acting.

Gal Gadot and her husband Yaron Varsano established Pilot Wave, a production company in 2019, with the aim of bringing inspirational stories to life. The couple plans to produce impactful content that highlights the perspectives and experiences of unique individuals, with their first two projects being a historical thriller about Irena Sendler, a humanitarian, and a series about Hedy Lamarr, an actress and inventor. Gal will star and co-produce both projects. In 2016, Wonder Woman was named UN Honorary Ambassador for the Empowerment of Women and Girls on the character’s 75th anniversary. However, the designation did not last long due to disagreements. While shooting for Wonder Woman 1984 in 2018, Gal visited the Inova Children’s Hospital dressed as the heroine, surprising and bringing smiles to the kids and staff. Earlier this year, Gal announced her partnership with Smartwater, taking over from Jennifer Aniston as the face of the brand.

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