“Gal Gadot reveals the gruesome story behind losing her fingertip and the surprising disposal method chosen by her husband”

During her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Gal Gadot shared a mishap she experienced while preparing a salad in quarantine. The actress accidentally cut off the tip of her left index finger with a knife, which could not be reattached due to her husband’s response. Gadot explained that her husband, Yaron ‘Jaron’ Varsano, was so repulsed by the sight of her fingertip that he threw it away in the garbage disposal. As a result, Gadot has lost the tip of her finger forever.

Gory mishap: Gal Gadot revealed that she accidentally cut off the tip of a finger while chopping up a salad during quarantine with her husband and two kids

Gal Gadot admitted to a gruesome incident where she accidentally sliced off the tip of her finger while preparing a cabbage salad during quarantine with her spouse and children. In an interview, the actress expressed her excitement about her recent announcement of being pregnant with her partner’s third child. However, the discussion eventually shifted towards how she coped with the pandemic’s first year. She shared that she started drinking mimosas and sangrias at 11 am and decided to prepare a cabbage salad. Unfortunately, while cutting the vegetable, she unintentionally chopped off the top of her finger, leading to a bloody mishap.

Late night revelation: The Wonder Woman star, 35, made the confession about her finger mishap, and shared all the gory details, during an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Friday.

In a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the 35-year-old actress from Wonder Woman, revealed a startling incident involving her finger. She didn’t hold back in describing the gory details of the mishap, which took place late at night.

Gone forever: The actress revealed her husband picked up the tip of the finger, and almost immediately got 'so disgusted that he threw it into the garbage disposal'

The actress shared a shocking incident where her husband threw away the tip of her finger into the garbage disposal. However, Kimmel disputed this and they both laughed it off with the audience. The actress then joked that it was too late as she had already hugged her husband and couldn’t have any more kids with him, which referred to how she explained her pregnancy to her young daughters, Alma and Maya.

Jokester: After hearing how her husband threw the tip of the finger in the garbage disposal, Kimmel joked that Gadot should not have any more kids with him

Comedian Jimmy Kimmel made a humorous quip after learning about how Gal Gadot’s husband accidentally disposed of his fingertip in the garbage disposal. Kimmel playfully suggested that maybe Gadot should refrain from having any more children with her husband.

Grin and bare it: The former Miss Israel reveal she did not go to the hospital because 'it was in the garbage disposal and there was nothing to sew'

The former Miss Israel shared a humorous story with Kimmel where she revealed that she and her husband were trying to reattach the top of her finger that was accidentally cut off. She mentioned that they did not go to the hospital because there was “nothing to sew” since it was stuck in the garbage disposal. Gadot admitted that she still touches the area where she lost feeling and hopes that sensation will return. Kimmel also related to the experience, having lost the top of his own finger. Despite the mishap, Gadot and her husband are currently expecting another baby girl.

Growing family: Gadot confirmed her third pregnancy with husband Yaron 'Jaron' Varsano with this photo of the family all touching her baby bump with the caption: 'Here we go again'

The family of Gadot is expanding as she recently announced her third pregnancy with husband Yaron ‘Jaron’ Varsano through an adorable picture where the whole family is seen touching her baby bump. The actress shared the picture on social media with a sweet caption that read: ‘Here we go again’.

Another girl: The Wonder Woman star shared this image of her baby bump this month

A different lady: Gal Gadot, famously known for her role as Wonder Woman, recently posted a picture of her growing baby bump this month.

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