“Gal Gadot’s Fashion Statement: Flaunting her Slender Figure in a Chic Robe Coat in LA while Championing Her Cleopatra Film as a Crucial Tale for Today’s World”

This week, Gal Gadot was seen in Studio City, Los Angeles, looking fashionable and chic. The 36-year-old actress showed off her slim figure in a dark coat that she tied at the waist with a sash. Recently, she received criticism for playing Cleopatra despite being white, but she defended her role in the upcoming movie.

Legging it: Gal Gadot cut a stylish figure when she was spotted stepping out in the Los Angeles suburb of Studio City this week

Gal Gadot was spotted in Studio City, Los Angeles, looking fashionable. The Israeli actress, who previously served in her country’s military, is set to portray the iconic Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra. While there have been controversies surrounding the “whitewashing” of the character, Gal addressed the issue on BBC Arabic by stating that Cleopatra was, in fact, Macedonian. As a co-producer on the upcoming film, Gal explained that they were initially searching for a Macedonian actress for the role but couldn’t find one suitable for the part. Despite the criticism, she remains passionate about portraying Cleopatra.

Off she goes: The 36-year-old superstar emphasized her enviably svelte frame in a dark robe coat that she cinched in around her trim waistline with a sash

The 36-year-old superstar flaunted her slender figure in a stylish dark robe coat that she tied around her waist with a sash. She expressed her admiration for the historic icon, Cleopatra, and her desire to honor her legacy through her upcoming project. Gal also challenged other filmmakers to create their own adaptations of the story, emphasizing her passion for the project. Initially, Patty Jenkins was set to direct the film, but Kari Skogland has since taken over the role while Patty will focus on producing and directing other ventures, including the next installment of Wonder Woman.

Giving interviews: Her latest outing comes after she defended her upcoming Cleopatra movie, which has generated blowback on account of her being white, in InStyle

During an interview with InStyle, Gal addressed the controversy surrounding her portrayal of Cleopatra in an upcoming movie, despite being white. She promised that the film would celebrate Cleopatra’s story and showcase her intelligence and impact on the world. Gal explained that the movie would not only highlight Cleopatra’s sex appeal but also her strategic mind. She mentioned having watched all the previous films about Cleopatra and felt that this was the story that the world needed to hear now. Elizabeth Taylor famously played the role in 1963, but the film was a failure, and it sparked a turbulent affair between Taylor and co-star Richard Burton. Additionally, Elizabeth was banned from filming in Egypt due to her conversion to Judaism for her then-husband Eddie Fisher and her support for “Israeli causes,” according to an Egyptian general.

Rise to fame: Cleopatra is not the first time Gal's casting has been controversial - Wonder Woman also wound up in political hot water over her service in the Israel Defense Forces

Gal’s past casting choices have stirred up controversy, particularly her portrayal of Wonder Woman due to her service in the Israeli military. Other white actresses have also played Cleopatra, including Judi Dench who felt she was not physically suited for the role. Dench’s objection was not related to ethnicity, but rather age and stature. Gal’s casting as Cleopatra has also been met with criticism. Her previous role in Wonder Woman resulted in the film being banned in several countries, and there was consideration for a ban in Jordan as well.

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