Gal Gadot’s fiery battle with Da Bomb on the thrilling ‘Hot Ones’ challenge

Gal Gadot takes on a fiery challenge as she faces off against “Da Bomb” hot sauce on the popular show “Hot Ones”. The actress showed her competitive side as she tackled the intense heat, all while maintaining her trademark grace and poise. It was an entertaining and intense experience for Gadot, who proved that she’s not afraid to take on a challenge.

“I get the feeling that what I’m consuming is death” and “I really enjoy spicy flavors. They’re fantastic.”

Gal Gadot, the talented actress from Heart of Stone, recently participated in First We Feast’s Hot Ones challenge where she had to eat super spicy wings while answering various questions. She tried her best to make it through the challenge, discussing topics ranging from her preferred action scenes to lesser-known Israeli snacks.

Gadot kept her composure throughout the wing eating challenge until she decided to try the notorious Da Bomb sauce. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned and she ended up spitting out most of the wing onto the table.

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