Get Your Groove On with Dua Lipa’s Tiffany Blue Fringe Dress

On her 28th birthday, Dua Lipa rocked several stylish outfits from different designers, making the occasion a fashion statement.

She donned an eye-catching dress in the shade of Tiffany blue, which she gracefully swayed in throughout the evening.

Afterwards, she posted a different birthday attire on her Instagram account that showcased a Bottega Veneta halter-neck midi dress adorned with lengthy minty-blue fringes and paired with metallic silver accessories such as twisted silver earrings also from Bottega Veneta. Lipa’s overall look was complete with dazzling silver heels, a gold wristwatch, a diamond bracelet, and shimmering rings.

During the early part of the evening, she donned a stunning red dress from Valentino’s upcoming Fall/Winter 2023 line. The dress boasted a deep V-neckline, voluminous long sleeves, and a slit on the side to showcase her legs. Lipa has always had an interest in fashion since she was a child and is particularly drawn to the ’90s style.

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