“Girls’ Retreat: Dua Lipa Shows off her Stunning Figure in a White Swimsuit at Soho Farmhouse”

Dua Lipa has been having a blast with her gal pals before the festive season. She decided to share some more snapshots from her stay at a rural getaway on Instagram. In the pictures, Dua can be seen rocking colorful bikinis and showing off her enviable physique as she poses at Soho Farmhouse in Oxfordshire.

Loving life: Dua has been living it up on a girls' getaway ahead of Christmas

Dua Lipa is having an absolute blast and has the pictures to back it up! She recently took a trip with her girlfriends to Soho Farmhouse and shared some gorgeous photos on social media. Dua looked absolutely stunning in a white bikini, confidently flaunting her incredible figure in a balconette bikini top and skimpy briefs that left little to the imagination. In one of the photos, she turned her back to the camera, showing off her peachy derriere. To complete the look, she went makeup-free and wore fluffy white Moon Boots. Dua Lipa radiates beauty and confidence!

Swim-suits you! The singer looked sensational in her swimwear as she posed up a storm on the grounds of Soho Farmhouse in Oxfordshire

The singer, who is 26 years old, appeared stunning in her swimsuit while capturing some photos in the picturesque landscape of Soho Farmhouse located in Oxfordshire. The swimwear definitely complimented her physique.

Wow: Dua put her sensational figure on display as she posed in a white balconette bikini top and matching skimpy briefs

Have you seen Dua’s latest Instagram post? She looks absolutely stunning, showcasing her enviable figure in an elegant white bikini set. The balconette top and skimpy briefs complement her perfectly. Additionally, Dua shared a snap of herself with a friend, both lounging in their pajamas and face masks. Her caption, ‘JOLLY GOOOOOD’, is simple yet impactful. It’s great to see that she’s taking some time off to rejuvenate. Recently, she even posted a carousel of outtakes, providing her 76.3 million followers an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look into her life.

Chilling out: Another snap showed Dua in relaxation mode as she cuddled up to her friend while clad in face masks and pyjamas

Relaxing comfortably: In an alternate shot, Dua was captured in a chilled out state, cuddled up next to a pal, adorned in cozy pajamas and sporting a facial mask.

Cooking up a storm: Dua also shared snaps whipping up a full English breakfast with her pals

Dua had a fun-filled experience with her friends as she shared pictures of them relishing in a hot tub while dressed in tiny white bikinis. The photos also depicted them cooking a hearty English breakfast as a group. Dua captioned the images as “country reset” and seemed to have had a calming time building connections with her friends in the hazy countryside. She looked breathtaking in her revealing swimwear, with her wet lengthy hair pulled back, and even shared a brief video of herself immersing into the warm water.

Social media queen: Dua has been taking out for much needed rest and relaxation. On Sunday the performer took to Instagram to share a carousel of outtakes with her 76.3 million followers

The social media sensation, Dua, has finally decided to take some time off her busy schedule and indulge in some much-needed rest and relaxation. To treat her 76.3 million followers on Instagram, Dua posted a few candid pictures from her break. One of the images showed Dua with her friends, Rosie Viva, Sarah Lysander, and Ella Jenkin, sporting face masks as they posed in front of a bathroom mirror. Another picture captured the fun moment when Sarah gave Dua a piggyback ride while she wore a pair of long, pink knit socks. The girls also clicked a picture petting a beautiful brown and white horse, displaying their love for animals.

Taking a dip: Two posts included the star in a teeny white bikini as she enjoyed a steamy hot tub with a friend

Jumping right in: The celebrity shared some snapshots of her recent getaway, where she was seen chilling in a hot tub with a friend, sporting a cute white bikini. But that’s not all, the talented singer also showed off her impeccable fashion sense by sharing pictures of herself in a stylish red, black and white outfit. Against a misty backdrop, the British music sensation posed creatively on a white chair and looked stunning in a white shirt paired with a black Prada tie and an unbuttoned red jacket.

Girls' night: One snapshot showed the quad of buddies posing in a bathroom mirror as Dua and Sarah Lysander donned face masks, while Rosie Viva and Ella Jenkin removed makeup

A bunch of gal pals had a blast during their night out, as proven by a snapshot of them snapping a selfie in a bathroom mirror. The picture displayed Dua Lipa and Sarah Lysander rocking facemasks while Rosie Viva and Ella Jenkin were seen wiping off their makeup. They all donned light blue wash denim pants and adorned their feet with fuzzy white Hello Kitty boots. Unfortunately, Dua Lipa had to call off a recent gig because of laryngitis. She expressed her regret on Instagram and provided a comprehensive explanation.

Bold style: The singer-songwriter dedicated several snaps to her fashion, as she showed off a red, white, and black outfit

The creator posted a series of pictures that showcased her distinct fashion style, showcasing a chic combination of red, white, and black apparel.

Artistic: Against a foggy backdrop the UK-born pop star got creative with poses on a white chair.

Creative expression was on full display as the UK’s beloved pop icon struck a variety of poses amidst the misty scenery, perched upon a pristine chair.

Angles: Dua wore a button-up white shirt with a black Prada tie and a red jacket that she wore unbuttoned

Dua dressed up in a stylish outfit comprising of a white button-up top and a black Prada tie. She added a pop of color by throwing on a red jacket that she left unbuttoned. Taking to social media, the singer informed her fans about her health condition. She revealed that she is currently dealing with laryngitis and has been advised by her doctor to avoid speaking. Even though she was hoping to get better soon, Dua expressed her disappointment about missing out on performing at the iHeartRadio Z100 Jingle Bell Ball, which she was looking forward to as a way of spreading holiday cheer with her supporters.

Quality time: Lipa enjoyed a misty countryside retreat, where she soaked up some serious girl time with a small group of pals

Lipa enjoyed a peaceful escape to the rural area, where she spent some quality time with a tight group of friends in the calm surroundings.

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