How the ‘Give Us Nothing’ Meme Inspired Dua Lipa to Prove Her Worth in the Music Industry

According to Vanity Fair’s July/August cover issue, Dua Lipa draws inspiration from her critics as she strives to demonstrate that she is capable of enduring success. In the same interview, the 25-year-old singer shared how a viral meme temporarily shattered her self-assurance but ultimately fueled her to put in more effort.

The meme that has been circulating originates from Dua Lipa’s performance of her hit song “New Rules” at the 2018 Brit Awards. A person commented on a video of her performance, saying “I love her lack of energy, go girl give us nothing!” Although the comment has been deleted, it gained popularity and affected the British singer deeply. Lipa explained that it’s one thing when people are critical of your best efforts, but it’s another when they’re critical of your performance when you haven’t had the chance to give your best due to spreading yourself too thin trying to do everything at once. This comment hurt her deeply.

In continuation, Lipa expressed that it was important for her to showcase her longevity in the music industry and not just be recognized for one hit song or album. Referring to a popular meme, she emphasized the importance of being in control of her career and ensuring that her performance was top-notch. She believes that consistent high-quality performances would prove to people that she is capable and determined to succeed. Lipa’s performances have been widely appreciated, including at prestigious events such as the Grammy Awards, American Music Awards, MTV EMA’s, and most recently, the 2021 Brit Awards. Despite a delay, the Grammy-winning artist is set to embark on a tour in September.

During a recent interview on Radio DeeJay Summer Camp, the singer of “Love Me Again” expressed her excitement for her upcoming tour, which was delayed by a year. She looks forward to performing live with a live audience and believes that she can add new dimensions to her performances and tour. Lipa also mentioned her desire to challenge herself by doing an outfit change after her Grammy performance in March. Stay up-to-date with the latest celebrity news and human interest stories by signing up for PEOPLE’s free daily newsletter.

We put in a lot of effort and practice for this performance. I wanted to do something different and exciting that would push me out of my comfort zone. From changing outfits to learning new choreography, I was up for the challenge. We even added some drama to the show, which made it even more thrilling. As we performed, I could see how we were improving and growing. I felt incredibly proud of the team and all our hard work.

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