“Nicki Minaj defends Britney Spears’ dance skills, hails her as ‘an incredible performer’ amid criticisms”

Nicki Minaj is reminding Britney Spears that she’s still a dancing queen. The pop icon posted a video of herself dancing on Instagram, admitting that she’s not the best dancer. This prompted the rapper to leave a comment encouraging Britney to put her crown back on and keep it there. It’s clear that Nicki believes Britney is still the queen of the dance floor.

Dancing queen: Britney Spears posted one of her famous dancing videos to Instagram on Sunday and said 'I know I'm not the best dancer,' prompting Nicki Minaj to give her a quick pep talk

Britney Spears shared a video of herself dancing on Instagram over the weekend, where she admitted that she’s not the greatest dancer. Her confession prompted fellow artist Nicki Minaj to offer words of encouragement.

The famous singer donned a charming white top with a sweetheart neckline at the back that she personally tied, as she shared in her post. She also mentioned that during her stay in Maui, she made 30 dance videos and found it enjoyable. Despite being aware of her subpar dancing skills, the artist doesn’t mind expressing herself through movement. She believes it’s therapeutic for her after having gone through a brutal 13-year conservatorship that left her traumatized. For her, mental health is just as important as physical health, and she’d rather endure physical pain than have her mind tortured again.

Pep talk: The Bronx native responded with a comment that said, 'BRITNEY! PUT YOUR CROWN BACK ON & LEAVE IT THERE BABY!!!!!!'

Encouraging words were exchanged between Bronx native and rapper Nicki Minaj and pop icon Britney Spears on Instagram. In a video clip, Britney can be seen dancing in a studio wearing black shorts and no shoes. She posted the video with a lengthy caption where she admitted that her moves were not perfect but it feels amazing to move her body. Nicki was quick to respond, calling Britney the best dancer and urging her to keep going. She also joked about their Sagittarius zodiac sign being the reason for their incredible energy. Fans loved the exchange, with Nicki’s comment receiving over 34,000 likes.

Past collaborators: Britney and Nicki joined forces in 2011 for the remix of the chart-topping single Till the World Ends

Previous partners: Back in 2011, Britney and Nicki teamed up for the remix of the popular song Till the World Ends.
Since then, Spears has continued to create fresh content for her massive following of 39.7 million on social media.
Recently, she posted a slideshow of daring beach pictures where she can be seen posing topless amidst the stunning blue sea.
In one of the poses, she strategically covers her exposed chest with her hands.

Social media star: Since the dancing post Spears has already carried on with new content for her 39.7 million followers

Social media sensation: Following her recent viral dancing post, Spears has continued to provide fresh content for her massive following of 39.7 million fans.

NSFW: On Monday she shared a short slideshow of risqué beach photos, going topless in the sand

Not Safe for Work: Earlier this week, a popular singer shared some steamy beach photos on her social media account. In the slideshow, she can be seen enjoying the sun, sand, and sea in a revealing bikini bottom. In some of the shots, she even goes topless while frolicking in the crystal-clear water. The Grammy Award winner’s long hair is casually tied up in a ponytail, with strands falling loosely around her face in the island breeze. The caption on the post was short but sweet, as she expressed her desire to have babies in Polynesia. The singer also added some white heart emojis to a couple of the pictures.

Itty bitty: The Grammy-winning musician frolicked in the clear water wearing tiny yellow and pink bikini bottoms

The artist who won the Grammy Award was seen playing around in the transparent water while donning a small bikini bottom in the shades of pink and yellow.

Carefree: The mom-of-two pulled her hair up into an unkempt ponytail, letting her strands fall loosely as they blew in the island breeze

Sandy: Brit got cheeky in the sand

Relaxed: With two little ones in tow, the mother chose to tie her hair back in a casual ponytail, allowing her locks to sway freely with the gentle seaside winds.

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