Reconnecting with a Beloved Teacher: Nicki Minaj’s Heartfelt Encounter and Adorable Middle School Video Throwback

Nicki Minaj recently posted a heartwarming video on Instagram that shows her reconnecting with her fifth-grade teacher, Liz Smith-Breslin. The Trinidadian rapper shared a live video of the conversation along with an adorable throwback clip from her school days. In the video, Liz revealed how she initially failed to recognize Nicki due to her name change and how emotional it was for Nicki when Liz finally realized who she was. Although Nicki’s Barbz would have recognized her instantly, her teacher took some time to connect the dots.


Reconnecting: Nicki Minaj shared a sweet live video of her reconnecting with her fifth-grade teacher, Liz Smith-Breslin, on Wednesday

Nicki Minaj recently shared a heartwarming live video on Instagram, where she was seen reuniting with her fifth-grade teacher, Liz Smith-Breslin. The video included a clip of a young Nicki introducing herself and stating her ambition of becoming a nurse in the future. Later, Nicki can be seen conversing with her former teacher, who revealed that she had no idea that Onika Maraj was actually Nicki. She also mentioned that she had attended a JAY-Z and Eminem concert where Nicki had performed, but didn’t recognize her at the time. It was a lovely moment of reconnection between two people who share a history.

Not a Barb? In the video, Liz recalled how she didn't realize that Nicki - born Onika Maraj - was her student due to the musician's name change, and explained how she eventually found out

Did you know that Nicki Minaj’s real name is Onika Maraj? In a video, Liz shared her experience of not recognizing Nicki as her student because of the name change. She later revealed how she discovered the truth.

Adorable: The star also shared an adorable throwback clip of herself from school, where she said she wanted to be a nurse to help people

Cute: Moreover, the celebrity posted an endearing video of her younger self during her school years. In the clip, she expresses her desire to become a nurse so that she could assist others.

“I was so surprised when I saw her dance and sing, she was amazing! I had no idea it was Nicki,” exclaimed Liz as Nicki chuckled. Liz went on to share that a week after their encounter, she received a call from her former school, P.S. 45. “They informed me that E! True Hollywood Story had been reaching out because apparently, I was Nicki Minaj’s favorite teacher,” Liz recounted, still in disbelief. She even quipped about going through her old files in an attempt to find photos and videos of Nicki during her school days.

Wow: 'I went to a JAY-Z and Eminem concert with my sisters, and you came out and performed. I was like,

During a JAY-Z and Eminem concert that I attended with my sisters, you unexpectedly came out and performed. I was pleasantly surprised by your amazing talent and had no idea it was you! This moment definitely left a lasting impression on me.

Shocker: 'A week later, my old school called and said

Surprise surprise! After a week, my previous school reached out to me with a surprising news. They informed me that the producers of E! True Hollywood Story had been trying to get in touch with me because apparently, I was Nicki Minaj’s most admired teacher back in the day. I was so astonished by this news that I dropped the phone.

Nicki expressed her admiration for Liz as she reflected on their past in the classroom. She commended Liz for her ability to balance fun activities with the curriculum and emphasized that Liz’s one rule was to not show any disrespect towards her. Nicki appreciated having a strong female role model like Liz and thanked her for setting a good example.

Tearing up: At one point Nicki appeared to tear up, hiding her face with her hands

Getting emotional: There was a moment where Nicki seemed to get emotional and covered her face with her hands.

Inspiration: Nicki praised Liz as she reminisced about their days in the classroom and how she allowed the students to have fun but never to disrespect her: 'I needed to see a woman be like that, so thank you,' she said

Nicki expressed her admiration for Liz as they looked back on the times they spent in class together. Liz was able to create a fun environment for her students while still commanding their respect. Nicki appreciated seeing a strong woman in that role and thanked Liz for being a great example.

She had a vivid memory of her classmate Liz making her stand by the window and shout ‘Attitude!’ whenever she spoke out of turn in class. The talented musician completed her elementary education at Clarence Whiterspoon School back in 1993. In addition, she shared some amazing fan art from her latest Interview magazine feature on social media.

Fairy: In that same post Minaj also shared some fan art from her recent Interview magazine spread

The fairy tale-like story continued as Minaj posted some fan art of her recent Interview magazine feature.

A picture of the artist surfaced online, where she can be seen sporting a mint bustier along with a green see-through skirt. To complete her look, she added a pair of enchanting fairy wings. Furthermore, in another image, she was seen flaunting her unique fashion sense while wearing a pink wig and different enticing attire. During an interview with Jada Pinkett Smith, the musician elaborated on financial literacy and expressed her desire to achieve more financial success. Despite being worth around $130 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth, Nicki Minaj is still aiming for higher goals, especially considering that some of her peers in the entertainment industry have reached billionaire status.

Tantalizing: The next was a collage of stylish snaps from the interview, where she wore a short pink wig and various tantalizing outfits

Alluring: Then came a collection of fashionable photographs taken during the interview, featuring her wearing a cute pink wig and a range of alluring ensembles.

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