“Scarlett Johansson Embraces the 90s with Gothic Makeover and Edgy Nose Piercing for W Magazine Shoot”

Scarlett Johansson, famous for her effortlessly beautiful blonde hair and timeless fashion choices, has undergone a complete makeover for the 40th anniversary issue of W magazine. In a fitting tribute to Halloween, the 38-year-old star of Lost In Translation dons a striking 90s Gothic aesthetic that showcases her stunning curves.

Scarlett Johansson undergoes a gothic transformation for the 40th anniversary cover of W magazine. The famous actress sports a Cruella de Vil-inspired two-toned hairstyle, with black and white hues, and a nose ring on her nose. To enhance her bad girl look, Scarlett rocks wing-tipped eyeliner and bold red lipstick on her luscious lips. She complements her ensemble with multiple diamond rings on her fingers, while flaunting her cleavage in a Dolce Gabanna silk lace dress worn over a matching bodysuit.

The performer is recognized for her unprocessed blonde locks and timeless fashion taste. In a dimly lit bar, she gazes intently into the camera lens of renowned photographer Steven Klein with a glass of whiskey on the rocks before her. Additionally, Scarlett flaunts her wrist tattoo in the photograph, which she received earlier this year. The ink commemorates the metropolis of New York City and is fashioned to resemble a bracelet, with a charm that reads “I Heart NY.”

Scarlett has snagged a new gig as the cover star for a magazine, coinciding with the wrap-up of her latest film Hitchcock. In her interview, the actress dives into all things 90s. She also gets playful when discussing her aversion to turtleneck sweaters – a fashion trend that dominated the era. Scarlett admits she tried to embrace them for practicality’s sake, but ultimately found them to be unflattering. She even jokes that men prefer her hands around their necks, rather than a turtleneck sweater.

Let’s talk about that iconic shower scene in the movie! The talented actress steps into the shoes of Janet Leigh, who met a tragic fate in the infamous shower scene of the 1960 suspense/horror classic, earning her a well-deserved Golden Globe award for her portrayal of Marion Crane. In addition, Scarlett lets us in on her love for the 90s hit Jurassic Park, which happens to be her all-time favorite film from that decade.

Scarlett is the stunning cover girl for the November edition of the fashion magazine. In an interview, she revealed that Jurassic Park was a captivating experience for her. She was not afraid of dinosaurs but was more afraid of clowns or dolls with knives. Scarlett also shared her admiration for the late comedian, Chris Farely, who was her favorite person of that era. She used to watch Saturday Night Live just to watch him. Scarlett also features in Hitchcock, where she plays the iconic role of Janet Leigh, who was famously ‘killed’ in the shower scene for her Golden Globe-winning performance as Marion Crane in the 1960 suspense/horror film. The November issue of W magazine marks the brand’s 40th anniversary and includes alternative covers featuring actresses Keira Knightley, Mia Wasikowska, and Rooney Mara.

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