“Scarlett Johansson Opens Up About Her Struggle with Anxiety in the Age of Social Media”

The artist admitted that she sees herself as a sensitive blossom and her mind is not strong enough to handle some circumstances.

Scarlett Johansson attends the premiere of Illumination's

Scarlett Johansson has recently shared her decision to avoid most social media platforms due to her anxiety and fragility. The actress mentioned that she had tried Instagram, but it led her to spend too much time looking at other people’s posts and feeling left out. She also expressed her love for TikTok, which she uses for promoting her skincare brand The Outset. However, she joked about not being able to use TikTok regularly as she gets too engrossed in it. Johansson has talked before about changing her career path to avoid being typecast and objectified as a young girl.

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