“Scarlett Johansson Shows Off Baby Bump During Workout with Fiance, Ends with Relaxing Afternoon Tea”

Scarlett Johansson, who is currently taking a break from her filming schedule for the Avengers movie in London, made use of her free time by engaging in a workout session on Friday morning while flaunting her baby bump. Along with her partner Romain Dauriac, the couple appeared affectionate as they made their way to the gym for a playful warm-up routine. This will be the first child for the duo, and the birth is anticipated in a few months.

Scarlett Johansson and her fiancé Romain Dauriac were seen heading to the gym in London on Friday. The actress, who is pregnant, seemed to be keeping up with her fitness routine despite her condition.

Staying Active: The prominent baby bump of the famous actress was hard to ignore as she briskly walked in her gray hoodie. She opted for a natural look without any makeup, and both she and her partner kept their hoods on despite the rain. Her sweatshirt highlighted her growing belly, paired with simple gray leggings and a baseball cap. As she picked up her pace, her partner Romain playfully hopped along behind her.

With their arms intertwined, the couple braved the rainy weather during their outing and kept their hoods securely on to shield from the downpour.

The crucial prelude: The engaged pair, who announced their engagement in September of the previous year, seemed to goof around by doing a playful jog in place.

Happily bouncing behind his soon-to-be wife, a French man couldn’t contain his excitement. Despite sporting a warm, brown bomber jacket, the 38-year-old looked a bit chilly. He later switched to a sporty, lighter jacket, paired with shorts, leggings, and eye-catching sneakers. The duo didn’t forget to indulge in some downtime and enjoyed a lovely afternoon tea at the prestigious Wolseley hotel in the city.

Expecting parents: Scarlett paired her sweatshirt with lengthy grey leggings and a vibrant yellow tee.

Humorous moment: The pair seemed to be sharing a laugh as they navigated the rainy city.

Taking a leisurely walk, Romain’s eye-catching bright sneakers contrasted with his black leggings and shorts. They made a smart decision to stop by their home to change before continuing their walk. Scarlett emerged wearing a stylish two-tone jacket with leather sleeves and a white top. Both Romain and the Her actress wore dark-rimmed glasses. Scarlett showcased her short strawberry-blonde hair, which she previously expressed happiness about not always being seen as a Hollywood sℯx symbol as she grows older.

Casual: The expectant couple residing in the French capital were accompanied by a male buddy during their exercise routine.

Scarlett opted for a natural appearance and skipped wearing make-up when she donned an Avengers baseball cap.

Despite their busy schedules, the two worked hard and rewarded themselves with an afternoon tea at Wolseley hotel in the city. The Weekend Australian recently interviewed the Avengers actress who expressed her desire to not be limited to a single role forever. She mentioned that she is content with not being the young ingenue anymore and does not want to always be seen as trendy, glamorous, and simply an object of desire. Living in Paris has clearly influenced her perspective on life.

Scarlett made a fashionable statement when she stepped out in a trendy two-tone jacket featuring sleek leather sleeves paired with a chic white top. Her attire exuded an air of sophistication and style, proving that she definitely has specs appeal.

During their free time, the actor from Her and Romain both had on glasses with dark rims. The soon-to-be mother also flaunted her shoulder-length, reddish-blond hair.

Feeling nostalgic for France? Romain seemed to be feeling a bit cold as he decided to wear a khaki bomber jacket.

Scarlett, who is currently expecting a child, has recently expressed her contentment in aging and no longer being solely recognized as the Hollywood sℯx symbol.

The lead actress of The Avengers recently shared with The Weekend Australian that she has new aspirations and no longer wants to be confined to her previous role indefinitely.

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