Shakira Thrives in Single Life and Career Spotlight Post-Gerard Pique’s Influence

During a recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Shakira opened up about the delay in releasing her new album, revealing that her ex-boyfriend Gerard Piqué was holding her back. The Colombian singer, 47, explained to Jimmy, 49, that it was challenging for her to put together a full album with her ex. However, now that she is single, Shakira expressed a sense of freedom and motivation to work on her music. She also discussed her latest album, “Las mujeres Ya No Lloran,” emphasizing that it’s time for men to shed a tear instead of women.

Shakira blamed her ex-husband Gerard Piqué 'for dragging her down' while discussing why it took so long to make her new album on Monday's episode of The Tonight Show

Making an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Shakira opened up about the challenges she faced while working on her new album, attributing some of the difficulties to her ex-husband Gerard Piqué for dragging her down. She stressed the importance of women making their own decisions when it comes to healing from tough situations. Shakira revealed that she poured her raw emotions and personal experiences into the 16 tracks of the album, using music as a form of therapy to put herself back together. She described the process as transforming pain and anger into creativity and resilience, much like precious stones being polished. After ending her 11-year relationship with Spanish soccer player Gerard, whom she discovered was unfaithful, Shakira found support and strength in artists like Cardi B. She believed that Cardi’s powerful presence was needed on her album, and was thrilled when Cardi agreed to collaborate.

The pair announced their split after 11 years together in June, 2022, after she learnt he had allegedly been unfaithful (pictured in 2014)

Gerard Pique and Shakira, who were captured together in Las Vegas back in May 2014, have officially announced their decision to part ways in June 2022.

The Colombian singer shared her thoughts when Jimmy, 49, asked her why it had been more than seven years since she put out a record

During a recent interview, the Colombian singer, at the age of 47, revealed the reason for her seven-year break from releasing new music. This conversation took place when she was questioned by Jimmy, who is 49 years old, during a discussion.

'It was the husband. Now I'm husband-less. Yeah, the husband was dragging me down. Now I'm free. Now I can actually work'

Shakira revealed that she had difficulty releasing a complete album in the past because her husband was holding her back. However, now that she is no longer married, she feels liberated and ready to focus on her music.

Shakira appeared on the show to promote her new album Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran

Shakira appeared on the show to promote her latest album, “Las mujeres Ya No Lloran.” During her interview with Jimmy, she expressed her desire to go on tour. She also hinted at something exciting happening in New York on Tuesday, urging fans to follow her on social media for more details. Later on, Shakira wore a white outfit and performed one of her new songs from the album with her group of dancers. In a funny moment, Jimmy jokingly attached a pogo stick to Shakira’s hips, with Drew Barrymore confirming that her hips don’t lie.

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