Shakira’s Emotional Farewell: Leaving Spain with Her Songs for Miami After Split from Gerard Pique

Shakira bid an emotional farewell as she departed from Barcelona airport with her two sons, following her breakup with Gerard Piqué. The 46-year-old singer left the Catalan capital on Sunday, heading for an unknown destination before eventually settling in Miami, Florida. Catalan newspaper El Periodico referred to it as her “final goodbye” from Barcelona as she embarks on a new chapter in Miami. With a tearful goodbye, Shakira was seen embracing her loved ones before leaving the city behind. Dressed in a casual denim outfit, the star navigated through the airport with plenty of luggage in tow.

Out of here: Shakira was joined by her two sons as she jetted out of Barcelona airport in an emotional farewell on Sunday - after her split from Gerard Pique

Heading off: Shakira departed Barcelona airport with her two sons in tow, bidding an emotional goodbye on Sunday following her split with Gerard Pique.

Moving on: Clara has been a fan of Shakira's way before she got into a relationship with her ex - Shakira seen looking tearful at Barcelona airport after her in-laws reportedly evicted her from her flat

According to reports in Spanish media, the 46-year-old singer-songwriter has officially left Barcelona in the afternoon for a secret destination. She has no plans to return before relocating to Florida.

Change: Catalan daily El Periodico described it as her 'final goodbye' as after the holiday they will continuing to Miami for the start of their new life there

The Catalan newspaper El Periodico described it as her ‘final farewell’ before heading to Miami to start their new life there. She looked stylish in jeans and a matching jacket, paired with a blue top and reflective sunglasses. Shakira wore her long, honey-colored hair in loose waves and had a radiant makeup look. She was seen giving someone a warm hug before heading to the departure area. Her sons Milan, 10, and Sasha, 8, looked sporty as they accompanied her to the airport. Earlier reports indicated that Shakira’s ex, Gerard, was upset after she informed him on short notice about their move to Miami for the children’s schooling on April 11. News sources stated that the singer would be relocating to the US with her parents and sons before the end of the week. Experts on Shakira mentioned that her lawyer had officially informed Gerard’s lawyer about her definitive departure. Shakira also personally called the former Barcelona defender to confirm the news.

Goodbye: Shakira was seen giving a friend a huge warm hug before making her way through to departures

Guess what? She was seen hugging someone tightly before strolling through the departure area.

Ensemble: Shakira cut a casual figure as she made her way through the airport with extensive luggage, opting for a stylish denim outfit

Attire: Shakira appeared casual as she made her way through the airport with a bunch of bags, sporting a stylish denim outfit.

Hug: She was seen in a warm embrace with a woman dressed in a black coat as she left the country

Photo: An image captured her sharing a heartfelt hug with a woman in a stylish black coat before she left the country.

Style: She looked great in the jeans and matching jacket which she wore with a blue top underneath and accessorised with reflective shades

She nailed the outfit, wearing a trendy pair of jeans and a coordinating jacket. Underneath, she paired it with a stylish blue top and completed the look with some fashionable reflective sunglasses.

Family: Her sons Milan, ten, and Sasha, eight, looked sporty in their ensembles as they joined their mother at the airport

Family: Mila, a ten-year-old, and Sasha, who is eight, looked stylishly dressed in athletic outfits as they accompanied their mother to the airport.

Not happy: Gerard was said to be furious and in the dark still about exactly which day they will be flying to the States

Lovely: Shakira went for a look with flowing golden hair styled in soft waves, and opted for her signature glowing makeup for her appearance.

Oh no: News of her departure followed earlier reports Shakira's ex Gerard had been left furious after being given days' notice by the artist that she was heading to Miami

Oh no: News of her departure came after previous reports that Shakira’s former partner Gerard was upset when she informed him last minute that she was going to Miami.

Bye: Spanish showbiz website Vanitatis reported on Friday the singer-songwriter would be leaving Barcelona to start her new life in the States with her parents and sons before the end of this coming week

Goodbye: According to Spanish entertainment site Vanitatis, the artist is rumored to be moving from Barcelona to the United States with her family before the end of next week.

Letting him know: They said Shakira had phoned the former Barcelona defender to confirm the news

Informing him: Reports suggest that Shakira contacted the former Barcelona defender to confirm the news. It was also mentioned that the couple’s two sons will start school in Florida on April 11 at Miami Country Day School, a well-reputed private institution just north of the city. Neither of the couple’s legal representatives could be reached for a statement. Pique was reportedly upset and unaware of the exact date of their departure to the United States, expressing his disagreement with the children not completing the school year in Barcelona.

The date of April 11 coincides with the return to school for American students following the spring break. Prior plans for Shakira to leave Spain earlier in the year were affected by her father’s ill health and her mother’s hospitalization due to a blood clot. Despite their separation last May after 11 years together, Shakira and Pique reached an agreement in November which included provisions for Pique to spend holiday time with their children.

Shakira’s desire to move to Miami, where she has family and friends, posed a challenge in their negotiations for an out-of-court settlement. Speculation arose regarding Shakira’s new romance in Miami, as well as her public airing of grievances towards Pique and his new girlfriend in a recent song performance. Pique, meanwhile, expressed contentment with the changes in his life post-split, emphasizing the importance of parental responsibility in safeguarding their children in an interview.

The couple’s divorce negotiations, as disclosed by Pique’s lawyer in February, highlighted their dedication to prioritizing their children’s well-being without making them the focal point. Their complex and lengthy discussions culminated in an agreement that required extensive preparations and a 13-hour meeting before signing. Shakira’s upcoming tax fraud trial in Barcelona worth £12 million adds a legal obligation for her return to Spain, although a trial date is yet to be determined.

Cross: Pique was said to be furious and in the dark still about exactly which day they will be flying to the States

Cross: Pique was reportedly furious and uncertain about the precise date of their upcoming flight to the United States.

Feud: Fa and Vazquez said: 'He is very annoyed because he has been told with very little time 'He disagrees with the children not finishing the school year in Barcelona'

Argument: Fa and Vazquez expressed their frustration as they were notified at the last minute. They disapprove of the children not completing the academic year in Barcelona.

Tense: Shakira and Pique, who split last May after 11 years together, confirmed in November they had reached an agreement after a protracted negotiation which came to a head with a marathon 12-hour meeting with their lawyers

Shakira and Pique, who called it quits on their 11-year relationship last May, revealed in November that they had finally reached an agreement after a long and challenging negotiation process. This settlement was achieved after a grueling 12-hour meeting with their legal teams.

Difficult: As part of the agreement Pique, now dating 24-year-old Catalan beauty Clara Chia, will spend holiday time with his children

Challenge: Pique, who is currently in a relationship with 24-year-old Clara Chia from Catalonia, has agreed to spend some of his holiday time with his children.

Challenge: Shakira’s wish to move to Miami, where she used to live and part of her family are based, is understood to have been the principal sticking point in the former couple’s previous failure to strike an out-of-court settlement

Shakira’s wish to return to Miami, where she previously lived and where some of her family members reside, was reportedly a significant challenge in her and her ex-partner’s efforts to reach a settlement outside of court.

Home: The artist, who has relatives and several close friends in Miami, owns a POUNDS 14 million mansion in the city she is said to have put up for sale in 2018 before removing it from the market a few months ago

Home: The singer, who has a family and many close friends in Miami, owns a lavish $14 million mansion in the city that she reportedly listed for sale in 2018 but then decided to take it off the market a few months back.

Good: Late last month Spanish media claimed Shakira may have found love with a new man in Miami

Recent reports from Spanish media indicated that Shakira might be embarking on a new romantic relationship with someone in Miami.

Relationship: News website OK Diario said it had been told the 46-year-old mum-of-two met the mystery man several months ago before she penned her latest diss song targeting Pique and his new girlfriend Clara Chia

Based on reports from the news site OK Diario, a 46-year-old mother of two allegedly met a new man a few months ago before releasing her latest song that targets Piqué and his new girlfriend, Clara Chia.

Upset: The former Barcelona defender’s relationship with Clara, who has just turned 24, emerged shortly after he and Shakira announced their split

Issue: The romantic involvement between the ex-Barcelona player and Clara, who recently celebrated her 24th birthday, became public shortly after his separation from Shakira was made public.

Pain: The singer-songwriter performed her diss track with Argentinian DJ Bizarrap, in which she fires poisoned darts at Pique and his new girlfriend

Discomfort: The talented musician sang her diss track alongside DJ Bizarre from Argentina, throwing sharp jabs at Pique and his latest partner with venomous lyrics.

Good for you: Pique said in a subsequent interview with Spanish newspaper El Pais he was 'very happy' following the dramatic changes in his life

Exciting news: Pique shared his happiness in a recent interview with the Spanish newspaper El Pais after experiencing significant changes in his life.

Silence: He also shut down a question about Shakira in the interview but added: 'Each parent has the responsibility to try to do the best for their children'

He chose not to comment on Shakira during the interview, but did mention that every parent should strive to do what is best for their children.

Words: He said: 'It’s about protecting them. That’s the work of all parents with their children. That’s what I’m focused on and that’s my job as a father'

He expressed, “Ensuring their safety is a top priority. Every parent’s responsibility is to safeguard their children, and that’s exactly what I am committed to as a dad.”

Back: Shakira will have to return to Barcelona for a £12 million tax fraud trial but no date for the trial has yet been set

Shakira has to return to Barcelona for a trial regarding a £12 million tax fraud case, but the exact date for the trial has not been determined yet.

Trial: She has denied any wrongdoing after being charged with six counts of tax fraud prosecutors say she committed between 2012 and 2014

Update: She has denied all accusations of wrongdoing following claims of committing six instances of tax fraud between 2012 and 2014, as alleged by the prosecutors.

Back: Shakira will have to return to Barcelona for a £12 million tax fraud trial but no date for the trial has yet been set

When April 11 rolls around, American students will be heading back to school after soaking up the sun during their spring break.

New start: Shakira is pictured with her two sons Milan, ten, and Sasha, eight, who she shares with her ex Gerard who she had a complicated split from

In a fresh start, Shakira is seen alongside her two children, whom she co-parents with her ex-partner Gerard, with whom she went through a challenging breakup.

Making a change: Spanish showbiz website Vanitatis reported on Friday the singer-songwriter would be leaving Barcelona to start her new life in the States (pictured together as a family in 2020)

Changing things up: According to a report from Spanish entertainment website Vanitatis, the musician is planning to move from Barcelona to the United States to start a new chapter in her life. The family was photographed together in 2020.

New romance: Gerard and his new girlfriend Clara Chia have been on the receiving end of his ex's barbs in diss songs the Colombian beauty has released since their break-up last year

Guard and his new girlfriend Clara have been the subject of his ex’s songs, taking shots at them ever since they broke up last year. Despite facing six counts of tax fraud allegedly committed between 2012 and 2014, she denies any wrongdoing.

According to a source close to the singer, Shakira decided to move to Miami before the school year ended because her sons Milan and Sasha have good grades, and their teachers didn’t see it as an issue. Shakira feels at peace about the move, knowing that the school didn’t raise any objections and if it would have negatively impacted her kids, she wouldn’t have made the decision to move to Miami.

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