Shakira’s Fun Post-Separation Regimen: Karate Sessions with Milan and Sasha

Seeing Shakira accompanying her children to karate lessons in Barcelona was quite a spectacle on Wednesday, following her recent breakup announcement with Gerard Piqué. The 45-year-old singer appeared in a laid-back outfit of navy blue jeans and a comfortable grey T-shirt, arriving by taxi alongside her two sons, Milan (aged nine) and Sasha (aged seven). Sasha, the stylish young boy, stood out in his eye-catching red trousers and sleek black vest as he made his way indoors.

Stepping out: Shakira, 45, was spotted taking her children to karate class in Barcelona on Wednesday after announcing her split from Gerard Pique

Sashaying Around: Shakira, 45, was spotted in Barcelona on Wednesday, accompanying her children to their karate class. Despite the recent announcement of her separation from Gerard Piqué, the singer appeared relaxed as she thanked the well-dressed driver upon leaving the vehicle. Taking a break from her social media silence, Shakira took to Instagram on Tuesday to share a video of her dancing with Nick Jonas and Liza Koshy, her co-stars in the upcoming show Dancing With Myself.

Ready for action: The singer cut a casual figure in navy blue jeans and a grey T-shirt as she arrived by taxi with her sons Milan and Sasha

Ready for the adventure ahead: The vocalist sported a casual look, wearing denim jeans in a deep navy shade paired with a comfortable grey T-shirt. Accompanied by her adorable sons, Milan and Sasha, she arrived in style via taxi.

Fighting fit: Pop star Shakira's boy Sasha was seen in bright red trousers and a black vest top as he headed inside

Looking fabulous: Sasha, the son of famous singer Shakira, was seen rocking a vibrant pair of crimson pants and a stylish black sleeveless top as he made his way indoors. While she didn’t mention the breakup, the three of them entertained the crowd with a Mexican wave. Shakira also posted a photo on her social media where she appeared strong and cheerful, posing with her fellow performers. In the caption, she simply wrote: “make sure you catch tonight’s episode of Dancing With myself! 10/9c on @nbc.”

Brave face: Shakira broke her social media silence on Instagram on Tuesday with this post after announcing her split from Barcelona defender Gerard Pique after 11 years together

Taking a bold step forward, Shakira decided to end her silence on Instagram after revealing her split from Gerard Pique, a Barcelona defender, following an incredible 11-year journey together.

Home: The social media post comes after the singer and her ex made separate arrivals at Barcelona Airport after spending the weekend together in the Czech Republic with their sons

On his way: Gerard was not pictured with his ex as he made his way through arrivals the day after her arrival

The news of their arrival at Barcelona Airport after a weekend trip in the Czech Republic was shared on social media. Shakira and her ex-partner were seen arriving separately, with Gerard returning the following day. Gerard, 35, was spotted alone at the airport on Monday, dressed in navy attire from head to toe. This occurred just a day after Shakira and their sons took their own flight back home from their vacation.

Smiling: Shakira looked in good spirits, smiling as she walked through the terminal on Sunday

With a bright and breezy attitude, Shakira strolled through the airport terminal on Sunday, wearing a wide smile that exuded positivity.

Thoughts on his mind: On Monday Gerard failed to raise a smile as he was pictured leaving the terminal separate to his ex

Musings on his thoughts: At the start of the week, Gerard’s expression seemed gloomy as he walked away from the terminal with a noticeable distance between him and his ex-partner. However, a contrasting scene unfolded as Shakira exuded a positive mood, flashing a smile while strolling through the terminal alongside their sons, Milan and Sasha. Clad in skinny ripped jeans, a vest top, and wedge heels, the renowned artist showcased her fashionable ensemble. Despite their recent separation announcement, Shakira and Gerard managed to set aside any differences to attend their son’s sporting event together during the previous weekend.

Mom: The singer held her sons' hands as she was helped with the family's luggage

Mother: With her soothing voice filling the air, the songstress held her sons’ hands, while their combined strength eased the weight of their belongings during the journey.

VIP: An airport worker wheeled the family's suitcase outside while the star and her sons were also accompanied by a security guard

Exclusive: A dedicated airport staff member graciously helped transport the luggage of the celebrity family, alongside a vigilant security personnel ensuring the safety of the star and her beloved sons.

Feeling good: The chart-topping star was dressed in skinny ripped jeans teamed with a vest top and wedge heels

Beaming: She flashed a smile as she made her arrival

Spreading Positivity: The popular music sensation rocked a stylish ensemble, pairing her ripped skinny jeans with a trendy vest top and fashionable wedge heels.

Family first: Shakira and her Gerard reunited for their son's sporting event over the weekend, shortly after announcing their split

Prioritizing their family commitments, Shakira and Gerard set aside their recent split to come together for the sake of their son’s sporting event. Despite officially announcing their separation, the Colombian singer and her footballer ex spent time together in the Czech Republic to support their oldest son Milan, who was participating in a baseball tournament. While they were photographed separately, both Shakira and Gerard showed a united front by attending the event alongside their youngest son Sasha.

Getting on with it: Gerard looked deep in thought as he made his way out of the terminal

Moving ahead: Gerard seemed lost in thought as he exited the terminal.

Split: The Colombian singer confirmed on Saturday that she is no longer with her footballer beau - they have two children together

Separation: On Saturday, the Colombian vocalist announced that she and her footballer partner have decided to end their relationship, despite being parents to two children.

Reunited: But despite the announcement, the estranged couple spent time together in the Czech Republic as they cheered on eldest son Milan, nine, at his baseball tournament

Reunited Once Again: Despite the circumstances, the couple who had been separated for some time, came together in the Czech Republic to support their oldest son Milan, aged nine, at his baseball tournament.

Oh dear: The former power couple were hit by split claims in 2017, with it being claimed that the two were no longer living together and Shakira had instigated the split (pictured in 2014)

Oh-oh! Back in 2017, there were rumors flying around that the once-powerful couple had called it quits. Reports hinted that Shakira was the one who initiated the split and that they were no longer living together. However, according to Spanish newspaper El Periodico, despite their strained relationship, the former couple is trying to remain friends for the sake of their children. At an event, Shakira looked stunning in a strapless black mini dress, while Gerard chose to keep a low profile. The Sun reported that Shakira, who rarely misses her sons’ games, made sure to attend the U10 competition where their son played for a Catalan-based team.

Together: Shakira was pictured at their son's sporting event over the weekend, shortly after announcing the split

Spending Quality Time Together: Shakira was seen attending their son’s sports event over the weekend, shortly after announcing publicly about their separation.

Parents: But despite the announcement, the estranged couple spent time together in the Czech Republic as they cheered on eldest son Milan, nine, at his baseball tournament

Parents: Despite the official announcement, the estranged couple recently spent time together in the Czech Republic, where they showed their support for their nine-year-old son Milan at his baseball tournament. We have contacted representatives of Shakira and Gerard for their input. This announcement comes amidst speculation in the Spanish tabloids, suggesting that the couple was on the verge of a breakup due to alleged infidelity on Pique’s part. Shakira’s statement addressed the situation, expressing regret as she confirmed their separation. She emphasized the importance of their children’s well-being and requested privacy. The Spanish publication El Periodico reported that the couple has been living separately for a few weeks, with Shakira allegedly asking Pique to leave their shared home.

It's over! Shakira and Gerard Piqué recently announced their shock separation (pictured with their children Milan, nine, and Sasha, seven)

The once power couple, Shakira and Gerard Piqué, have officially ended their relationship, leaving fans in shock. Reports have emerged about Piqué’s wild partying and outings with his fellow teammates in his new bachelor pad. While neither Shakira nor Piqué have directly addressed the allegations of infidelity, journalist Emilio Perez claims that the decision to separate was made by Shakira herself, implying that cheating may have been a factor. Despite attempts to reach out for comments, representatives for both parties have remained silent on the matter.

Wow! The Colombian singer, 45, confirmed that she is no longer with her footballer beau, 35, following an 11 year relationship and two children together (pictured in 2019)

In a surprising turn of events, the talented artist from Colombia has announced that she and her soccer player partner have officially ended their remarkable 11-year romance. Along their journey, the couple welcomed two beautiful children into the world, as captured in a delightful snapshot from 2019. In 2017, rumors of a split between the former power couple began to circulate, suggesting that Shakira and Piqué were no longer living together and that Shakira had initiated the separation. Speculation about their relationship status had been building up in the Colombian media for weeks, with a source revealing that Shakira “couldn’t handle the situation” anymore. The insider further disclosed to Spanish website Cotilleo that the decision to end the relationship came from Shakira herself, emphasizing that it was a serious matter. Interestingly, Shakira’s song “Te Felicito” with Raúl Alejandro seemed to allude to the discord between the couple. In the song, Shakira sings about breaking into pieces in order to complete her partner, disregarding the warnings she had received. She also implies that there were lies and insincerity, stating that she knows her partner well enough to recognize when they’re lying. These lyrics hinted at the reasons behind their split. Shakira and Piqué had been in a relationship since 2011, initially meeting while filming the music video for her World Cup song “Waka Waka” the year before. Coincidentally, Piqué’s team won the World Cup that same year, with Shakira performing during the final game. Despite corresponding in 2010, their romantic involvement did not officially begin until the beginning of 2011.

Long term: The couple had been together since 2011, with the pair having met while filming the music video for her World Cup song Waka Waka the previous year (pictured 2014)

Background: Since 2011, the couple has been together and they first met during the filming of her World Cup song, Waka Waka, in the previous year. In 2012, Shakira announced through her Instagram that she was expecting the football star’s son. After two years, they announced that they were expecting their second child, Sasha, who was born in 2015. Despite not having any plans to get married, the couple is happy with their family life, as mentioned by the Spain international during an interview with Gary Neville on The Overlap. He explained that their relationship is functioning well without the need for a formal proposal or wedding. “I really enjoy our current situation. Our two children, aged nine and seven, bring us joy, and as a couple, we function well together. Getting married is not necessary for us, and that’s perfectly fine,” expressed Pique. In March, Shakira commemorated Gerard’s impressive achievement of playing 600 games for Barcelona, expressing her heartfelt pride on social media. Earlier in March, while reflecting on his experiences, the Barcelona FC defender playfully suggested that he enjoyed playing against Espanyol more than the pleasure of sex, potentially risking a playful backlash from his partner.

Happier times: Though the two corresponded in 2010, the relationship between the two mega-stars wouldn't officially take off until the start of 2011 (pictured in 2016)

Moments of happiness: The correspondence between the two mega-stars began in 2010, with the official start of their relationship happening in early 2011 (captured in a photo from 2016). During an interview with YouTuber Jordi Wild on The Wild Project, he expressed his delight over Espanyol’s promotion to the first division and the prospect of playing in their stadium. He shared, “I find great joy in visiting their stadium, where I am consistently greeted with a chorus of cheers. The irony of it all makes me laugh, and as a result, the fans become even more impassioned.” He went on to say, “There’s no experience quite like it in the entire world. I would go as far as to say it surpasses the pleasure of sex. The enjoyment I derive from these encounters far outweighs the thrill of playing against Real Madrid.” The singer known for her hit “Hips Don’t Lie” previously expressed admiration for her boyfriend’s parenting approach, emphasizing how much he supports her in raising their children. She praised his level-headedness and ability to find practical solutions when faced with challenges. Whenever she feels overwhelmed or unsure about how to manage everything, he helps her see the bigger picture and eases her stress. Both of them actively participate in parenting duties, so it never feels like one person is shouldering all the responsibility. However, she jokingly admits that he may spoil the kids with a bit too much chocolate for her liking.

Shock: Back in March, the Barcelona FC defender risked the wrath of Shakira by claiming that playing against Espanyol was better than sex (pictured in 2019)

Surprise: In a surprising turn of events, the Barcelona FC defender created quite a stir in March when he boldly stated that facing off against Espanyol was more enjoyable than engaging in intimate activities, much to the potential displeasure of his partner Shakira (pictured in 2019).

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