Shakira’s Rome Adventure: Exploring the City with Milan and Sasha, Experiencing Romance with Gerard Piqué and Clara Chia

Shakira looked cheerful while spending time with her sons Milan, who is nine, and Sasha, who is seven, in Rome. The family, currently on vacation, explored the Colosseum together. Shakira chose a casual look, wearing a black beanie hat and glasses to keep a low profile.

Family fun: Shakira seemed in high spirits as she enjoyed some quality time with sons Milan, nine, and Sasha, seven, in Rome on Thursday

Family fun time: Shakira was all smiles as she spent the day with her sons Milan, who is nine, and Sasha, who is seven, in Rome on Thursday. She looked cozy in a black and red hoodie, loose jogging bottoms, and bright scarlet trainers. Instead of being in the spotlight like usual, Shakira was playing photographer, capturing sweet moments of her boys at a monument in the city. It turns out, this quality time with her sons happened at the same time her ex-husband Gerard Piqué was off on a romantic trip to Prague with his new girlfriend Clara Chia.

Loving life: The family have been on holiday in Rome and continued with their sightseeing together as they visited the Colosseum

Having a Blast: Recently, the family went on a trip to Rome and enjoyed their time exploring the city together, including a visit to the iconic Colosseum.

Low-key look: Shakira was dressed down for the occasion, going incognito in a black beanie hat and glasses

Shakira opted for a casual look at the event, keeping it low-key by blending in with a black beanie hat and glasses to stay under the radar.

Looking good: She wrapped up by donning a black and red hoodie that she paired with loose jogging bottoms and scarlet trainers

Dressed to make a statement: She completed her outfit with a stylish black and red hoodie, paired with comfortable joggers and eye-catching red sneakers.

Chirpy: The mother-of-two was enjoying some quality time with her sons

Harry: The mother of two was enjoying a great time with her sons. The 35-year-old ex-Barcelona player, who recently ended a 12-year relationship with Shakira, seemed to be in love with his new partner as they shared a sweet moment outside the Marriott Hotel in the downtown area. The getaway was a family affair, as Gerard’s brother Marc and his wife Maria Valles also tagged along for the holiday. This trip comes shortly after Shakira and Gerard reunited in court to finalize their custody agreement for their children.

Snap happy: While she's usually the centre of attention at events, this time Shakira was behind the camera as she snapped photographs of her sons at the monument

Capture the moment: Taking a break from being in the spotlight, Shakira decided to step into the role of a photographer, capturing candid moments of her sons at the monument.

Sweet: The group shared a cuddle as they rested outside the attraction

Alone: The team gathered for a casual session while taking a break outside the popular venue.

Covering up: A brief downpour put a dampening on the outing

Dealing with: A brief unexpected rain shower added a soggy twist to our plans for the day.

Chatting away: Shakira was seen speaking with a tour guide in the area

Engaged in a conversation: Shakira was seen having a lively discussion with a local tour guide nearby.

Learning: They heard about the history of the colosseum

Education: They were educated about the historical background of the colosseum.
The former couple made public their decision to split in June following an 11-year relationship, and just last month revealed that they had reached a satisfactory agreement for their kids after a lengthy 12-hour discussion.
They officially finalized the arrangement in Barcelona, appearing in court separately and accompanied by their respective lawyers.
Gerard, who tearfully bid farewell to his football career recently, reportedly approved of his ex-partner’s plan to relocate to Miami with their two sons in the upcoming year in order to prevent a prolonged legal dispute.

Fun times: The boys showed off their acrobatic skills

Fun times: The guys wowed everyone with their amazing gymnastic skills.

Animated: They were full of energy at the site

Shakira’s wish to move to the city where she has family connections has been identified as a major hurdle in the couple’s previous attempts to reach a settlement outside of court. According to reports from the Spanish media, Gerard will have the opportunity to spend ten days a month with their children as outlined in their custody agreement, as well as specific holiday periods. El Periodico, a Catalan newspaper, detailed the specifics of the agreement, stating that Gerard will have custody of the children for 10 days a month and during the three main holiday periods in the US, excluding Christmas and summer vacations, starting from the following year.

Teaching: Shakira and her boys were learning all about the history of Rome

Shakira and her sons were all about learning as they explored the fascinating history of Rome.

Fun times: They all seemed to be in good sprits

Positive energy filled the air as everyone was in a cheerful mood.

Chatting: The group were no doubt discussing what they had just learnt

During a conversation, it was evident that the group was discussing the recent news they had heard. It was mentioned that this Christmas, the couple will be sharing custody equally following the schedule set by the Catalonia government. In the future, they will base their custody arrangement on their children’s school calendar.

The couple, who ended their twelve-year relationship in June, seemed to be trying to make things work despite their split. Gerard is now in a new relationship with a 23-year-old PR student named Clara, leaving many wondering about the details of how it all unfolded.

Weekend away: Shakira's time with the boys coincided with estranged husband Gerard Pique's romantic getaway to Prague with his new girlfriend Clara Chia

Weekend Getaway: While Shakira enjoyed some quality time with her children, her ex-husband Gerard Pique was off on a romantic trip to Prague with his new girlfriend, Clara Chia. Since their separation, Pique has been openly displaying his affection towards Clara, making their new relationship quite public. In a statement back in September, Shakira mentioned how challenging the breakup has been for her and the kids. In other news, Gerard and Shakira are reportedly planning to sell their luxurious family mansion in Barcelona.

Over: Gerard announced his split with ex Shakira in June after 11 years together amid unconfirmed reports the footballer had cheated on the Colombian (pictured together in 2019)

Gerard ended his relationship with former partner Shakira in June after being together for 11 years, amid rumors that the soccer player had been unfaithful to the Colombian singer (pictured together in a photo from 2019).

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