“Shakira’s Unstoppable Glow: An Expectant Mother Goes Makeup-Free for a Chic Shopping Spree”

On the go: Heavily pregnant Shakira was pictured doing some Christmas shopping last Monday in Barcelona

Shakira, who is currently expecting a child, was seen out and about in Barcelona last Monday, completing tasks from her Christmas shopping list.

Make-up free: Shakira opted to leave her comfortable shoes at home as she strutted along in heeled boots

Going au naturel, Shakira decided to ditch her usual sneakers and instead wore a pair of stylish high-heeled boots as she confidently strutted along.

Still making music: Shakira was spotted heading to the studio to work on her upcoming album, despite being eight months pregnant

Even with her hectic schedule, Shakira was spotted heading to the studio earlier today to continue working on her upcoming album.

No names yet: Her football star boyfriend recently revealed the couple have yet to pick out a name for the baby

They haven’t settled on a name yet: The football star boyfriend revealed that they are still in the process of choosing a name for their upcoming bundle of joy.

Yummy mummy-to-be: Shakira is never one to shy away from a bit of fashionable leather, even when she's pregnant

Stylish expectant mother: The confident 35-year-old effortlessly pulled off a fashionable leather outfit.

Cramming it all in: The star is eager to finish her album ahead of the arrival of her first born son

Getting everything in: The artist is thrilled to finish her album before her baby boy arrives.

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