“She’s the Coolest: Dua Lipa Spotted in Notting Hill Dressed Down and Smoking a Cigarette”

Dua Lipa, who is the fresh representation of Versace fashion house and widely known as one of the most elegant music divas, caught my attention lately. It was surprising to see her in a simple outfit, smoking a cigarette outside a recording studio located in the West London district of Notting Hill. Instead of her usual fashionable appearance, she was wearing loose-fitting jeans without any makeup, and a bright, multi-colored sweater created by the trendy designer Ed Curtis.

She's the new face of fashion house Versace and usually one of the most glamorous women in music. So I was surprised to see a dressed-down Dua Lipa puffing on a cigarette outside a recording studio in Notting Hill in West London last week

Last week, I spotted Dua Lipa outside a recording studio in Notting Hill, West London. Despite being known for her glamorous fashion sense and currently representing Versace, the singer was dressed down and seen smoking a cigarette.

The singer is seen above at the London Palladium on Saturday for An Audience with Adele

The London Palladium welcomed the talented singer for An Audience with Adele over the weekend. Dua Lipa, famous for her track New Rules, made headlines on Friday when it was revealed that Abba legends Bjorn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson offered to write the UK’s 2022 Eurovision entry if she agreed to perform it. This unconventional approach may just be the solution to avoid the embarrassment of receiving zero points. Even though Julie Montagu has been part of the aristocracy for nearly two decades now, she still admits to feeling nervous every time she sits down at Mapperton House in Dorset, the home she shares with her husband, Viscount Hinchingbrooke, heir to the 11th Earl of Sandwich. The fear of breaking a 400-year-old chair is real, but let’s hope someone has informed her of the value of the tiara she wears.

She's been part of the aristocracy for almost 20 years so you'd think American-born Julie Montagu would recognise a priceless heirloom by now

Julie Montagu, an American aristocrat for almost two decades, is expected to have the ability to identify a priceless family treasure. Meanwhile, Jamie Laing, a reality TV personality and author of “I Can Explain” at the age of 33, is facing challenges with his company Candy Kittens. Although he has appeared on popular shows like Made In Chelsea, Bake Off, and Strictly, his vegan candy business has reported losses of over £500,000 before taxes last year. This news may be tough for Jamie, whose great-great-grandfather was responsible for creating the iconic McVitie’s digestive biscuit.

He was a stalwart of Made In Chelsea, starred on Bake Off and Strictly and, at 33, has published his memoir, I Can Explain. But has Jamie Laing got the staying power to see his company, Candy Kittens, through to victory?

Jamie Laing, a well-known figure from Made In Chelsea and a participant in Bake Off and Strictly, has recently released his memoir titled “I Can Explain” at the age of 33. However, the question remains whether he has what it takes to lead his company, Candy Kittens, to success in the long run.

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