“Spying with Style: Gal Gadot Returns to Action in Netflix’s ‘Heart of Stone'”

A well-crafted thriller that follows a predictable formula, yet impresses with its expert filmmaking. The lead actor, who also starred in ‘Wonder Woman’, is positioned for potential success in a new and thrilling franchise.


The Netflix spy thriller “Heart of Stone” follows rogue spy Rachel Stone, played by Gal Gadot, as she fights bad guys to protect a powerful device. The film’s formulaic but action-packed plot is made even more enjoyable by the way the characters frequently spell things out for viewers. The movie introduces us to the team of MI6 operatives, including Dornan as Parker, Ready as Max, Lusi as Theresa Yang, and Gadot as Rachel Stone. As they relax in a pub after their latest mission, Max shares his conspiracy theory about a mysterious group called The Charter. Directed by Tom Harper and featuring stunning visuals from various locations, “Heart of Stone” is set to jump-start an action franchise for Gadot. After an unexpected twist, Rachel must protect a device called The Heart, which has the power to control the world. The film takes viewers on an action-packed journey full of hand-to-hand combat, weapon use, and high-speed driving.


In the new Netflix movie, Jamie Dornan takes on the role of a leader in a group of MI6 operatives. Directed by Tom Harper and with cinematography by George Steel, the film features stunning drone shots, high-speed chases, and takes viewers to various international locations, from glamorous cities to deserts and even the skies above. Alongside Dornan, other notable characters include Jack of Hearts, who operates an impressive AI display and helps Rachel (Gal Gadot) with mission success percentages, and Nomad, a maternal figure in Rachel’s life. Bollywood star Alia Bhatt also makes an appearance as the skilled hacker Keya Dhawan, whose loyalties remain in question until the end. Dornan delivers another fine performance, distancing himself from his previous work in the “50 Shades” trilogy. Gadot, known for her portrayal of Wonder Woman, does a great job as the classic rogue spy character, jumping off cliffs and engaging in intense shootouts with heavily armored henchmen. If Rachel Stone ever encounters Ethan Hunt, James Bond, or Jason Bourne, they better bring their best game.

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