The Empowering Journey of Gal Gadot: Taking Control of Her Own Fate

With her new film Heart of Stone, the multi-talented celebrity, known for her acting, producing, and business skills, is shaping her own destiny.

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Gal Gadot is a woman of many roles, from actor to producer to entrepreneur and mother. She is always busy, struggling to unwind and constantly craving new experiences. Recently, she has been working on the Netflix spy thriller Heart of Stone, which she helped develop from concept to screen. She is also venturing into the world of villainy in next year’s Disney live-action musical Snow White. Despite her success, she admits to experiencing impostor syndrome and strives to carry on the legacy of her Holocaust survivor grandfather. In this interview with L’OFFICIEL, Gadot discusses her projects and her drive to make the most of life.

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Gal Gadot recently shared her experience of narrating a video for visitors at Auschwitz-Birkenau, the infamous concentration camp where her grandfather survived. The actress agreed to narrate the video without knowing what she was about to share. Her grandfather lost his entire family in the camp, and it was too painful for him to discuss the trauma for a long time. However, after her grandmother’s death, he opened up to share his entire story. Gal feels privileged to come full circle with her grandfather and carry the legacy of love, forgiveness, compassion, and teaching people to be good to prevent such atrocities from happening again. She believes that love, acceptance, community, and compassion are essential for society’s progress, not division, hate, fear, or envy.

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GG not only stars in the upcoming film Heart of Stone, but she is also a producer. She wanted to be in control of her own destiny and not wait for offers. Heart of Stone was one of the very first ideas that she had, and she wanted to create a female-protagonist action movie that would be for everybody. Working on this project as a producer and actor was exciting for her as she could create something from scratch rather than just acting out a script.

GG and her husband Jaron Versano are also producing partners. Working with a spouse can be challenging, but GG and Jaron have always been on the same page. Jaron has a business mind, and with him on board, GG feels that her interests are well-taken care of. They make a great team, and their partnership has been working well.

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In this interview, the actress GG discusses her character Rachel Stone in the spy thriller film she stars in. She was drawn to Rachel’s flawed nature and her ability to do everything for herself. GG also mentions the importance of having a director who is more concerned with character-driven stories than action sequences. As for the opportunity to lead a potential franchise, GG admits to feeling like an impostor and hoping that people will enjoy the film. She follows the advice of Francis Ford Coppola to remain humble and true to herself. Overall, GG is excited to see where this role takes her in the future.

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Wearing an ET OCHS dress and a TIFFANY CO. bracelet, actress Gail Gadot was interviewed about her approach to creating the film Heart of Stone. When asked about inspiration from other movies or actors, Gadot hesitated to compare her project to the iconic Bond franchise, stating that they aimed to create an original and thrilling experience for viewers. The team filmed in five different locations, including Iceland, Morocco, Lisbon, London, and Italy, with Gadot expressing a particular fondness for Lisbon due to its vibrant culture and ease of filming. Gadot also mentioned that it was important for her to portray a flawed character who has learned to rely on herself. Overall, she hopes that the film feels like an original piece to viewers.

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The top rings from PROENZA SCHOULER and TIFFANY CO. are worth checking out. In an interview, GG talked about her experience playing the villain in Snow White for the first time. She described it as amazing and said that everything was super realistic in Heart of Stone. Playing the Evil Queen in Snow White was a great shift for her. She felt excited about exploring her theatrical, evil dark side and even got to sing. For the first four days, she found it hard to come out of character as everything was bigger and more dramatic, like doing theater. Overall, she had a lot of fun.

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