“The Epic Arrival of ‘Wonder Woman’: Gal Gadot’s Trailer Gains Over 7 Million Views on YouTube Within a Day!”

Gal Gadot, the Israeli actress who played Wonder Woman in the movie, “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” is convinced that now is the perfect time for the superheroine to have her own feature film.

Gal Gadot, the Israeli actress best known for her role as Wonder Woman, made an appearance at the premiere of “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” in London on March 22, 2016. The much-anticipated trailer for her upcoming “Wonder Woman” film was released at San Diego Comic-Con to the excitement of fans everywhere.

During the San Diego Comic-Con, the much-awaited 3-minute preview for Wonder Woman, directed by Patty Jenkins and scheduled to hit theaters on June 2, 2017, was released. The trailer features Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, and Connie Nielsen and has already garnered approximately 7 million views on YouTube.

The official trailer of #WonderWoman featuring @GalGadot is now available to watch, thanks to dir. @PattyJenks. The trailer was released during the Comic-Con event and fans are excited! #SDCC2016 #WBSDCC, as stated on the film’s Twitter account.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Gadot mentioned during a convention panel discussion that they often received signs from the universe. She felt that they were merely a tool to convey a bigger story that needed to be shared with everyone.

The focus wasn’t on my acting skills or Patty’s directing abilities. It simply felt like the perfect moment.

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