“Tickled Pink: Gal Gadot Shares Fun-Filled Throwback from the Set of Wonder Woman 1984 on TikTok”

Gal Gadot’s latest movie, Wonder Woman 1984, has been a hit at the box office. The actress recently took to TikTok to share a fun moment from the set where she showcased her dancing skills for the first time on the popular video app. Dressed in a pink sweater dress and neon accessories, Gadot exuded an 80s-chic vibe as she grooved to the Cyndi Lauper classic Girls Just Wanna Have Fun with her hair and makeup team.

Goofing off: Gal Gadot shared her first dancing TikTok on Tuesday, posting a fun behind-the-scenes moment from the set of Wonder Woman 1984

Gal Gadot has showcased her playful side by sharing her first-ever dancing TikTok video on Tuesday. The clip features a joyful behind-the-scenes moment from the set of Wonder Woman 1984, where the actress was seen getting her hair and makeup done by a team of professionals wearing face shields for added safety against COVID-19. In an effort to ensure maximum ventilation, the dressing room was set up outdoors rather than in a confined trailer. As Gal lip-synced to the music, her glam squad couldn’t resist joining in and busting some moves. The actress herself also got into the groove, throwing her hands up in the air while seated.

Totally rad! The Israeli actress, 35, was the epitome of 80s-chic as she donned a pink sweater dress and neon accessories while rocking out to the Cyndi Lauper classic Girls Just Wanna Have Fun with her hair and makeup team

How cool is this? The 35-year-old actress from Israel nailed the 80s look! She wore a stylish pink sweater dress and accessorized with eye-catching neon items. With her hair and makeup team, she sang and danced to the Cyndi Lauper hit Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

Glad squad: Gal looked like she was having a blast as she sat down and got glam from a trio of pros wearing face shields to combat the spread of coronavirus

Safety protocol: Adding another layer of safety, the star's dressing room was a outdoors in the fresh air, instead of inside a stuffy trailer

The happy crew: Gal’s joy was evident as she took a seat and enjoyed the transformation from a group of professionals sporting face shields to ensure safety during the pandemic.

Irresistible: As Gadot lip-synced her hair and makeup team got down to business, but they couldn't help but break into dance once the famous chorus came

Gal Gadot’s hair and makeup team got to work as she prepared to lip-sync, but they couldn’t resist dancing along to the famous chorus. Gadot shared the fun moment on Instagram, posting behind-the-scenes snaps of her funky look. She joked about her first time dancing on Tiktok in the caption and encouraged her followers to check it out. The successful opening weekend of the Patty Jenkins-directed film likely added to Gadot’s high spirits, as it broke pandemic box-office records with a North American gross of $16.7 million.

Teaser: Gal teased the silly moment on Instagram, posting similar behind the scenes snaps of her funky look.

Summary: Gal shared some fun behind-the-scenes photos of her funky look on Instagram, playfully teasing the silly moment. Gal Gadot, the famous Hollywood actress, shared some candid moments of her quirky appearance on Instagram. In a playful manner, she teased the silly moment by posting similar behind-the-scenes snaps of her funky look. The pictures showed her wearing an eccentric outfit, and the actress seemed to be enjoying herself while experimenting with different styles. The post was well-received by her fans who appreciated the actress for sharing her lighter side with them.

Silly stuff: She poked fun at herself in the caption, writing: 'My first time dancing on Tiktok! Never knew the day would come but here it is - me - dancing - on tiktok. Go check it out!'

In a lighthearted manner, she made fun of herself in the caption by saying that she never expected to dance on TikTok but here she is. Although the opening revenue generated by Wonder Woman 1984 is significantly lower than the original film, Warner Bros. still considers it a success since only a small percentage of cinemas in the US are currently open. Furthermore, the studio has announced that they are going to fast-track a third Wonder Woman film with Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins returning as leads. While Wonder Woman 1984 was also released on HBO Max, its streaming numbers have not been disclosed yet. As per Variety, most of the ticket sales in the US came from private watch parties, where people rented out entire screening rooms at cinema chains for around $100 each.

Blockbuster: Wonder Woman 1984 is the highest-grossing theatrical release of the pandemic. The flick bowed in movie theaters on Christmas Day and took in $16.7 million at the North American box office over the weekend

Wonder Woman 1984 has secured its position as the top-performing movie release during the pandemic. Despite its Christmas Day premiere in theaters, the flick managed to rake in an impressive $16.7 million in North America alone over the weekend. When combined with its international take so far, the superhero blockbuster has amassed a global total of $85 million as of Sunday. For perspective, the original Wonder Woman film, released in 2017, set a record for the largest opening by a female filmmaker and went on to gross $822 million worldwide. The sequel, produced at a cost of around $200 million, was initially expected to approach $1 billion in box office receipts before the pandemic hit. However, it is currently projected to earn roughly $180 million, according to Variety.

The numbers:  While it's a drop in the ocean compared to the $100m opening generated by the original 2017 Wonder Woman film, it's still judged a success. Warner Bros.  announced Sunday it's fast tracking a third Wonder Woman film with Gadot and director Patty Jenkins returning

Although the box office numbers for the recently released Wonder Woman 1984 can’t quite compare to the massive success of its predecessor’s $100 million opening, it is still being considered a win. As a result, Warner Bros. has revealed that they are already beginning production on a third installment with Gal Gadot reprising her role as the titular character and Patty Jenkins returning as director.

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