“Unleashing the Champeta Groove: Shakira’s Ultimate Super Bowl Dance Tutorial”

Shakira’s Super Bowl halftime show with Jennifer Lopez received both praise and criticism, but now the singer has turned to YouTube to provide fans with a dance tutorial. She shared a step-by-step guide for the Champeta dance routine she performed with a group of backup dancers. By her side was 18-year-old choreographer Liz Dany Campo Diaz to help break down the moves for viewers to learn.

Shake it! Shakira has taken to YouTube to share a dance tutorial for the Champeta dance choreography she and a large group of backup dancers displayed during Sunday's performance

Get ready to groove! Shakira is lighting up YouTube with a tutorial on the Champeta dance routine she and a group of dancers showcased on Sunday. Champeta is a lively music and dance style that originates from Colombia’s Caribbean coast. Meanwhile, Shakira’s hit song Whenever, Wherever is making a big comeback. Following her electrifying Sunday performance, the track has shot up to the number one spot on the iTunes Top 100 chart, a feat it never achieved during its original release. Back in the early 2000s, the song peaked at number six on the Billboard charts.

Dance dance revolution: The 43-year-old pop star was joined by her 18-year-old choreographer Liz Dany Campo Diaz for the step-by-step tutorial

Shaking things up: The pop star, 43, joined forces with her 18-year-old dance instructor, Liz Dany Campo Diaz, for a fun dance lesson.

Traditional: Champeta is a genre of folk music and dance originating in the Caribbean coastal region of Colombia

Informal: Champeta is a cool music and dance style that originates from the Caribbean coast of Colombia. This week, some of the Colombian singer’s hit songs like “Hips Don’t Lie” are ranking high on the charts at #3, “Waka Waka” at #5, and “She Wolf” at #8. It’s been an awesome week for the 43-year-old artist, who recently rocked the halftime show at Super Bowl LIV in Miami alongside Jennifer Lopez. Plus, it was announced on Monday that Shakira is gearing up for a world tour in 2021.

She's back: It caps off a huge week for the 43-year-old, she took the stage alongside Jennifer Lopez for the Super Bowl LIV half-time show in Miami on Sunday

She’s back! This marks the end of a hectic week for the 43-year-old, who recently performed alongside Jennifer Lopez on stage during the Super Bowl LIV halftime show in Miami last Sunday.

Dissenting voices: Not everyone approved, with some, including DailyMail.com's own Piers Morgan, slamming the sexy performances as 'totally inappropriate for a massive TV audience including millions of children'

Not all opinions were in favor, as some, such as Piers Morgan from Dailymail.com, criticized the provocative performances as ‘completely unsuitable for a wide TV audience that includes many children’. Ticketmaster recently announced exciting news on their website, offering fans the opportunity to pre-register for tickets to see Shakira live in concert. Shakira is gearing up to go on tour next year, and she wants her dedicated fans to have the first shot at grabbing tickets. The post encourages fans to sign up now for the chance to catch Shakira performing in a city near them. The deadline for pre-registration is set for ‘Sunday, February 16 @ 10PM ET,’ according to the website. After signing up, fans can expect an email notification with more details about what to expect next.

I need backup! The Colombian beauty opened the nearly 15 minute set, dressed in a sparkly red mini dress which later turned into a two-piece

I could really use some help! The stunning Colombian performer began her performance, lasting nearly 15 minutes, wearing a shiny red mini dress that later transformed into a stylish two-piece outfit.

Honest hips: Shak, as she's known by her devoted fans, belted out Waka Waka, Hips Don't Lie, and Whenever, Wherever, among others

Shakira, affectionately known as the “Queen of Hips,” performed her hits like Waka Waka, Hips Don’t Lie, and Whenever, Wherever in Miami on Sunday evening at the Super Bowl halftime show. The Colombian songstress kicked off the show in a glittery red mini dress before changing into a stylish two-piece outfit. Fans, who lovingly refer to her as “Shak,” sang along as she belted out iconic songs like Waka Waka, Hips Don’t Lie, and Whenever, Wherever. Following her electrifying set, the ageless Jennifer Lopez, 50, took the stage and later joined Shakira for an unforgettable finale. Despite the buzz surrounding their dynamic performances, not everyone was impressed, with critics like Piers Morgan criticizing the risqué show as being unsuitable for a wide-ranging TV audience, especially for kids.

Thank U, Next: After her set, Jennifer Lopez, 50, performed, and she later joined the star on the stage to close the show

Thank you, Next: Following her performance, Jennifer Lopez, who is 50 years old, took the stage and later joined the main star to end the show.

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