“Vintage Shopping Finds a New Icon in Dua Lipa”

Throughout this summer, the singer has been sporting some of her finest outfits that were previously owned by someone else.

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In recent years, numerous celebrities such as Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Rihanna have been advocates for vintage fashion. They often add collector’s items to their everyday outfits to create unique looks. However, a new starlet has emerged as the poster girl for vintage fashion amongst Gen Z, and her name is Dua Lipa.

Dua Lipa’s love for vintage fashion was evident at the Grammy Awards held in April. She graced the red carpet in a sensational bondage-inspired outfit from Versace’s autumn-winter 1992 collection, which was initially worn by Christy Turlington on the runway. Her attire caused a considerable stir, sparking increased interest in vintage Versace fashion on the red carpet. For instance, Bella Hadid wore two dresses from the renowned Italian fashion house’s archive during Cannes the following month.

Cherie Balch, the founder of Shrimpton Couture, spoke to Vogue regarding the increased interest in vintage Versace fashion. She stated that the girls who prefer and wear vintage Versace nowadays look for the same standout dresses that the original wearers desired when they were first introduced.

Image may contain Human Person Fashion Clothing Apparel and Premiere

Dua Lipa showcased a range of vintage looks in her music video for “Potion,” featuring brands that are currently in high demand in the preloved market. The singer donned a John Galliano-era Dior minidress from Tab Vintage, Roberto Cavalli co-ords and Dior buckle boots from My Runway Archive, an embellished slip dress from My Runway Archive, and a Tom Ford-era Gucci minidress from Tab Vintage. Her stylist, Lorenzo Posocco, has been incorporating early 2000s vintage pieces into Dua’s wardrobe, which is fitting for the current Y2K revival. Recently, Dua celebrated her 27th birthday in a full vintage Dior outfit from My Runway Archive, followed by an archival Thierry Mugler couture leather dress from Tab Vintage. By incorporating preloved fashion into her wardrobe, Dua shows how sustainable fashion can still be stylish and chic.

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