When Scarlett Johansson Almost Turned Down the Role of Black Widow in Avengers

Initially, Scarlett Johansson had doubts about playing the role of Black Widow, a superhero in the movie The Avengers released in 2012. The actress, who is now 36, shared her skepticism regarding bringing together several superheroes at once. When she was asked about her thoughts on the concept, she admitted that she believed it would be a total disaster. Even when imagining all of them dressed up in their superhero costumes, she was unsure about what to make of it. In her own words, “Not a disaster, but, like, ‘What is this? What is this?'” she revealed to The Gentlewoman.

Second thoughts: Scarlett Johansson recently revealed that she was initially skeptical about taking on the role of Black Widow in the 2012 film The Avengers; she is pictured at theĀ 92nd Annual Academy Awards in 2020

Scarlett Johansson has shared that she was hesitant to take on the role of Black Widow in the 2012 film The Avengers. However, there was a moment during filming that solidified her belief that the character would be successful. The iconic shot of Johansson and her castmates standing amidst a city in flames was the turning point. She recalls the feeling of anticipation on set and the subsequent playback, which confirmed for the team that their work had paid off. Despite her success as an action star, Johansson longs to work with directors who allow her to explore her character more deeply, as she did with Noah Baumbach on the set of Marriage Story.

Better than expected: The actress expressed that she and her castmates thought that the concept of a large-scale superhero film 'was going to be a disaster'; she is seen in character as Black Widow in 2012's The Avengers

Surpassing expectations: The thespian shared that she and her co-stars had initially believed that a superhero movie on a grand scale ‘was bound to fail’. A snapshot from 2012’s The Avengers depicts her portraying the character of Black Widow.

Addressing her concerns: The actress remarked that she and her fellow Avengers cast members were relieved when the filmmakers 'showed us the playback' of a scene where they all stood together in costume

The actress expressed her relief about the playback of a scene where she and her fellow Avengers cast members were all dressed in their character’s costumes. They were all happy to see how the scene turned out.

The actress, who received an Academy Award nomination, shared that her colleague Noah has a unique way of analyzing scenes, which she finds fascinating. He takes his time in discussing every detail and makes it a part of their lives. She expressed that she misses this aspect of her job as problem-solving and figuring out the reasons behind things not working is what makes her work enjoyable. The conversation then turned to her personal life, and she revealed feeling like she was in a surreal world when the pandemic struck. Like many others, she was clueless about what to do as the world shut down suddenly.

Figuring it out: While speaking about her time working with Marriage Story director Noah Baumbach, Johansson revealed that her favorite part about acting was 'figuring out why stuff is not working'; she is seen performing in the 2019 film

During a conversation about her experience working with Noah Baumbach on the film Marriage Story, Scarlett Johansson shared that her favorite aspect of acting is the process of troubleshooting and determining why certain elements may not be functioning as intended. Johansson can be observed showcasing her talents in Marriage Story, which was released in 2019.

She shared her thoughts on being forced to take time off during the pandemic, saying she felt confused and detached from reality. Initially, she tried to keep up with the trend of picking up new hobbies like playing the guitar, but eventually realized that she was comfortable just being in the moment. Johansson acknowledged that her daughter, Rose Dorothy, had a big impact on her ability to stay grounded during the uncertain times of the pandemic.

Weathering it out: Johansson expressed enthusiasm for returning to her typically busy career, but noted that she wanted to wait for when she and her coworkers could be safely 'connected to one another'; she is seen at theĀ 2020 Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Johansson is looking forward to getting back to her busy career but wants to wait until it’s safe for her and her colleagues to be together. She attended the 2020 Vanity Fair Oscar Party, showing her excitement to return to work. However, she knows that accepting the reality of the current situation is important, especially as a parent. Johansson said that being there for her daughter is grounding. As for returning to work, she stated that she would rather wait until the pandemic subsides because the working conditions are not comfortable for her. She believes that the ideal work environment is where everyone can connect with each other.

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